Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Black Kamali
Kofi Fosu Forson

Emotional temperature, Klimt in Vienna
White turmoil, memory of Tamar
Burn slowly flower to the flame,
Orange hair wasted on blunt knife.
Wash with winter spoons custard pies,
Place them carefully atop needles and pins.
We claim tomorrow in yesterday’s shoes
Gentian Violet bottles bleed purple
Murder me some Simone. Nina, I love you

Catch the setting sun. The work day is done
Young wives fetching drums wound tight
Helpless, a black Kamali, birthday bong
Ankle bracelet, tattoo tone, gangrene
Charcoal-kiss London boys burning hashish
Dance alone hip-hugging bone, serenading
Saturation! Body afloat wing swept clouds
Blue eternal bliss, eyes closed, monk sleep
Alone in the wintry snow, counting sheep

Birds having swung April’s vine
Backyards form from grass to grass
Cool pale mint moist with spring’s birth
Forgetting, leaving a life lost in melancholia
Now the cat’s meow echoes Depeche Mode.
Mother’s hair dyed, drunken, falling fits
Barefooted, slipping over paper clowns
Scissors sounding, cutting, ruining
Childhood dresses, Halloween masks

Friday, June 22, 2007

Blue Deneuve
Kofi Fosu Forson

A New York woman is Catherine Deneuve under the direction of Bunuel. Perhaps she is a bored house-wife who becomes a prostitute or under Polanski’s direction, she is trapped in her own life.

Celebrity culture was once elegant. The language of style has something to do with etiquette and originality. To be suited or dressed in a Valentino is equivalent to the proverbial make-over. Once removed from all the tresses and threads, the persona proves undeniably visible as the one true variant.

The modern day celebrity is a person. He is not other-worldly. People are made to believe that they too can be part of this cycle if they mimic or imitate their favorite movie stars.

The New York woman as Blue Deneuve is only functionable in celluloid culture. Does life imitate art or vice versa?

“Pardon-moi, Mme Deneuve. Vous etes la face de beaute.”

How do you differentiate between a New York woman and a woman visiting New York?

Once she sets foot on the grounds of New York City, she’s disillusioned. Experience will indeed differentiate one woman from the next. It is the manifestation of a poet visiting from New Hampshire, the waitress who hopes for a big tip, the redhead with dreams of dancing on Broadway or the bored housewife who works as a prostitute.

In every New York woman there’s a need to circumvent. Intellect isn’t a manner by which most women approach men. A woman with a Masters in Semiotics walks into a room. It isn’t her wit or intelligence that gains her favorability. It’s the glamour or sex appeal. Optimum knowledge isn’t applicable in a bar setting. If liquor, then its nonsensical comments about sports, politics, women and men.

It can be said that women in the literary world mask the notions of chatter by conversing on topics concerning Chekov or Velvet Underground. True, there are some women who cater to the more outstanding topics in literature, music and pop culture. But isn’t it definite that what once were Basquiat and Malouk or Salle and Armitage has been brought down to that of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline.

There are subcultures of women whether they are comedians, professors, lawyers or doctors who engage in topical conversations. But indeed, winning the favor of a man almost always has to do with sex and so they reach for the lowest common denominator.

This proves that the New York woman is business minded. Either that or sex in New York is pointless.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

de Sade et Masoch

Kofi Fosu Forson

If black is the celebration of death, then red is murder. How does one teach the language of colors to a society driven by celebrity?

Are we drawn to war or are we born to fight? Honoring ones citizenship begins with the honoring of oneself. Man is masculine, first, because of his role in history not because of his sexual identity.

Handling a rifle is an extension of the penis. Women have that right. Theirs is an ideology. Man is subject to an evaluation, whether psychological or physical. He is ultimately a product of his own success or embarrassment. What governs this paranoia?

A knife to the genitals both male and female is a crucifying of any form of innocence. Pleasure therefore knows no existence. It’s a state of mind. That the mind is combustible is the very reason why we believe in order. But as in abstract art, order precedes disorder. They are entities apart but they help form the same conclusion.

What are the blessings of de Sade and Masoch and how do we apply it to the masculine and postmodern?

Death frightens man. To begin again renders the species of man as unconquerable. He therefore welcomes death or better yet spoken, a series of deaths. There is no rule through to eternity. But existing from a linear standpoint doesn’t guarantee freedom. If at all it restricts any notion of continuance--- The true perception of existence that life indeed never ends.

Exact the points A and B! In order to advance, one must make a bold step. The game is won however internally. The notion of success has more to do with conquering the fear of death than it does physically advancing from one point to the next.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

“La femme est un pistolet”

Kofi Fosu Forson

Woman is a pistol. Do you dare disagree? Within the parameters of psychosexuality, it is so. Otherwise “Les femmes sont les fruits d’amour.”

Women are the fruits of love….The rendering of Eve in the Garden of Eden. Metaphorically, a peach sliced in half conjures the image of the vulva. A fruit governed by the sweetness of the pulp represents the essence of woman, at once forbidden and yet embraceable.

The ramifications of psychosexuality endure the psychic relevancies of sex. The anima and animus represent the sexual libido within the respective genders. Sexuality is therefore expressed as hetero-, homo- or bisexual.

There’s a quotient of what is normal or abnormal. Its prejudice is particular to the individual alone.

Psychosexuality encapsulates the sexual history of a person. As a whole it explores the pattern, style, preference and the psychological and pathological representation of the individual. It furthermore enhances the stigma which defines psychic behavior.

Imagine woman as a pistol. How, where and from whom does she get her bullet? Such is the dimension of psychosexuality. The role women and men play are distinct. It can mean the types of sex people tend to have. Psychically, it draws from the fears, shock, pangs and the mental and emotional prowess of each individual.

However interpreted, fantasies and nocturnal dreams explain the psychology and reasoning behind the choices people make, sexually.

If woman is a pistol, how do we value or devalue the potency of man?

Woman is a pistol. The mind is a bullet.