Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Femur to Fang
Kofi Fosu Forson

Femur to fang if ever a vampire had options, the neck would remain bandaged from blood.

Affectionate girl makes her acquaintance, talks about a project. In it people fall down, drunken bar-brawls to skateboarders. I, the ever willing collaborator. She, the photographer.

Among books by Nan Goldin, Ballad of Sexual Dependency, Kathy Acker, Blood and Guts in High-school, we stacked them, piled them, read them, unbeknownst to the manager.

Every male clerk wanted their hands on my new subject. Little did they know she and I frequently met. We read from original scripts. Not only was she a subject, she was an actress and model. At times, she came to visit me early in the morning. I fed her pancakes made of wheat. We began reading poems I had written, recording them onto audio tape.
Her voice was milk.

One night, we toyed with a Polaroid camera. Before the evening was over, she had figured me for a black gentleman in a black cloak. Hers was as a literary groupie, muse of mine.

Our sing-song went on for a mature matter of months. If put to music, there’ll be a winding guitar a la Scott Johnson, wailing as she and I sat over gin, fell onto both our beds, waking up to begin again what we had started the night before, centering ourselves, forming into a circle in a square.

Her voice in the electric light! My breath as the source of life! Conversations between this black male and younger white female, both experienced in their places of work, model to photographer, artist to muse was ne’er gossip blossomed as professional relationship but summoning her femur, pale thigh, would cross the dimensions of art, the language between artist and muse, should they choose to speak what began as innocence to then reach proportions of literary vampirism.

Femur to fang if ever a playwright had options, the blank page would then be filled with blood red ink, a tale about a schizophrenic and her love for alligators.

“Be sweet. Be true. My Lord is a mouthful.”
“Be sweet. Be true. My Lord is a mouthful.”

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