Friday, November 16, 2007

Death in Androgyny
Kofi Fosu Forson

Becoming beauteous, orange coiffeur
Walking similarly, masculine yet feminine
Her face, knowing the streets of Dominica

Model age, women strike poses for love
Coming from Brooklyn to sit at tea
Camphor skirt, silk blouse, cleavage

Love and death, artist and muse
Religion in her body’s scent---
Compressed flesh, powdered bottom

How does a protégé proceed to colonize?
This land of skin probed by religion again
What then but crucify the body politic!

Art, love hereafter…Love, must we trust
Beauty within a muse, forever conquerable
By solemnity, as in a song or poem

Is she the face to replace mine?
Can I give of myself then wonder...
Was she my strength or body in passing?
Could we have loved to keep or forgotten
To be man and woman
Death in androgyny

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