Monday, March 30, 2009

White Beauty/ Love and Death

Kofi Fosu Forson

White female, product of unconquerable ego manifest in politicizing of beauty and self-worth, has for lifetimes now permeated the conscience to finally reach a melting point where love and sex offered as torment both intellectually and physically comprises of our existences void human proportions, that is nature and ability to survive love and death, translatable in fornicating, while car, home and companion would suggest normality, leaving potentially others removed from its cycle to fend for themselves in a world where white female continues to serve as sign of heroism, eternity, power, libido…

“Pussy” profanely used to describe the coital flower of the female in most terms would have digressed conditionally into the Kathy Acker chosen word of “cunt.” To have approached the world puritanically we may have kept to the word “vagina”. Much of this disdain made relative to the female would have stemmed from a Hemsleyian, Thatcheresque or Clintonian appeal.

Women are and will always be appreciated for their sense of nurturing, comforting the beast that is man, woman and child.

The white female would then have supposed a conditioning of inhabitants of the world centuries before and hereafter to impressionably exist under the acceptance of white beauty as the governing principle from which beauty starts and ends.

How does this affect multi-culturalism or is this notion now dead preparing room for a whole new generation on matters gender, sex and race. Marketing of this stems from disturbing trends to preserve youth as in hair implants, plastic surgery and the tendency to disrupt natural progression of living.

The world is viewed in matters black and white as in race and politics. Excruciatingly so we are lead to think racial matters have never been better than now with the election of President Obama.

The true sense of racism is an intellectual one which was determinably made official by aspects of colonialism and slave ownership. Blacks are made to think they can’t reach intellectual partnership with whites. When they do in their own right, other blacks deem them as white. Certainly there’s no rationale. One is forced to operate under their own terms whether it’s black women getting weaves or black men pursuing white women.

White female in history when in companionship with black male has stemmed from empathy and sympathy within the constraints of socio-politics, political movements, music and art as well as the genuine appreciation for another with respects to love.

Indiscretionably the female within modern gender politics views the male for his disposability. This can be found within the ramifications of psychology in how women choose their partners whether for sex, money or their availability.

Thinning of intellect and sex is obvious as it has made the transference from everyday real to virtual.

Love in turn lacks romance whereby everything and anything is programmed to fornicate leaving us as a society labored in love with nothing original to say amongst each other in fear for our lives stranded within a conclusion of love and death.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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Monday, March 02, 2009

Sexual Identity
Love and Modern Reality

Kofi Fosu Forson

If vice then commit to it!

Puritanical lifestyles serve no purpose in this our age of dominance. Evil guilt once redeemable through repentance is the scorch that symbolically serves as tribute to life, sex, love and intelligence.

The misery that is smoking cigarettes is still issued by most lovers after sex. As if our lung turning purple was merit, what would then replace the after-play when our bodies with sweat merge as we pant for air to then inhale breath of smoke adjoining our senses male/female?

“Smoke me a hot cigar,” she said. The pleasure with which he sat under lamp light well-dressed smoking a cigar…This was prelude to an encounter. The frozen letters of smoke hanging in the air… His breath releasing circles of the letter “O” that pop with pizzazz…Perhaps a jazz melody embraces the background. Is this not finesse to watch your lover at play?

If female she sits in the nude cross-legged wearing a bowler hat smoking a cigar. Given the spotlight effect and with gender assumption she would swing her legs back and forth in this a display of amateur affectation.

More or less they are suggestions for foreplay. The sexual embrace is politely determined as coital, male member inserted into female when in actuality the gratuity with which lovers perform is much the gender and politically situational means separating male aggression from female passivity or male sensitivity to female insatiability.

It is not a reforming of sex. Centrally the act of love, poignantly in its animalistic realm is decent and encouraged. Each and every aspect of sex is pertinent to the animal as creature as lover as human. The circumstances surrounding the act from flirtation to arousal must be distinguishable within the sexual ideology.

What we humanly must recognize are the signifiers which potentially announce our role as humans and lovers. Obviously these are interchangeable.

In a society of abnormality we choose indecency over courtesy. Politeness is the charge in most behaviors. Understandably there are types in race and gender. Speculation of intense love and hot sex are subjective within the aspects of talent, personality and seemingly fateful love.

If sexual identity is given to play, fetish, multiplicity of lovers what then encourages the actual act of love. Most would suggest vacations and an alternative to the act. The banality of most lives is the circumstances surrounding pills for penile extensions and increase in sexual libido.

Attraction is at once physical but the origin of mating is more or less matching one’s inner dimension with another. Circumstantially great lovers are born out of couples who embrace the same identity or language. Opposites do attract but evidence is given to their nature and how much they are able to imbibe the notion of attraction. This then leads to probability and destiny which stems from association and the day to day.

Sexual identity stems from love and respect of self. Otherwise it reaches a point where nothing more is achieved than a mating process. Suggesting modern love, sex and intelligence as a retraction from internet pornography is laughable.

Pornography in general has always been a subtext as in art and pornography, sex, drugs and rock and roll. What was once a means of titillation is now introduced into our daily lives. Impressions of mature and teen sex, threesomes are now very common. These are new templates in a sense which excite our minds as fodder. Desperately people are seeking partnership but in doing so they have ulterior motives whenever money and sex are involved.

Tying a woman to a chair requires skill. Going on date after date is near boredom. Going on date after date to find a woman to tie to a chair is damn near embarrassing.

Origin of one’s identity is to define what identity and then embrace it. It’s a life-long process.

Sexual identity stems from love. It is not an entity. Practices such as BDSM originate from a psychological pattern esteemed in one’s combination of psyche and love or lack there of.

Sexual practices have become much the flavor but every act responds to a part of a person’s
history and psychology.

It isn’t the type of sex one practices. More so sexual identity is a mark of a person’s identity through nature and psychology.