Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Male as Dude
Modernizing of the Gigolo Effect

Kofi Fosu Forson

There seems to be a distinguishable pattern among men in the modern sense. Not much attention is given to elegance most of which is suspended for machismo. 40's handsomeness was an example of etiquette and style many of these men as in Bogart were disciplined right down to their tailored fashions and genuine good looks.

Rock and Roll brought about a sophistication which was evident in the attitude among college students and gang members. The hippie tradition also added to this notion of self-freedom and rebelling. Once the gigolo status was commercialized more freedom was given to the disposition of the modern male. He was free to experiment with fashion and personal hygiene.

In the 80's fashion took a drastic curve with the welcoming of what was a new wave culture in music, art and film. The male identity was recognized in so many different ways with trends in money (The Wall Street subculture) Hip hop as well as the yuppie. With the introduction of gangsterism and corporate masculinity the male had a propensity to exhibit power mostly expressed through politics, music and art. The 90's male was rebel giving the standards and principles set to be free artistically and moneterally.

Much of the 2000 era has been subjected to the commercializing of porno and technology. It lessons the modern male's ability to be literary. This perception was last scene in the works of Philip Roth where as the male driven nature of writers and artists soon dissipated and were replaced by dispondent rockers and gangsta hip hoppers.

So currently the modern male is full of complex stereotypes all of whom are in it for sex and somehow suspend themselves within the notion of this new feminist society. Seemingly the disposition of the modern male is his concentration on defining the female for himself. Generally there is an understanding among men as to the masculiniazation of the female. Somehow men take it upon themselves to play victim to this irrespective of their status.

Sophistication and excellence is the order of the day for most men although some still resort to juvenile behavior and bravado. There continues to be distinctions among race and class. The white male at once hippie is also locally a dude in character or businessman. The nature of the elegant male is still prevalent and as the modern man deals with the topics of the day i.e. international politics, gender issues, local politics and the business of money, women continue to be his greatest discovery in love, marriage and or sex.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Generational Politics:
The Punktitude of Pussy Posing

Kofi Fosu Forson

We are not let to believe that young boys in the 1920's snuck out of their parent's homes and went to get laid. The theory of the CAVE MAN is more relevant:- that we BASH we BREAK we TAKE.

Seemingly the 1950's would suggest a reckless behavior from the setting of the nuclear family whether it'd be a hummed and reclusive drug culture or pronounced race baiting. This was the era where young and old reached a divisibly and decisivesly blatant seperation. Movies like Rebel without A Cause and icons such as James Dean would represent what was the politics of the day separate from presedential politics setting trends between youth culture and parenting probabilities.

Pronouncedly the areas where youth met mature or old was radio and television as in man landing on the moon or JFK getting shot, entertainment and topical news represented what outrageously brought children together with their parents. Outside of that, music was the one potential to form a difference from youth culture and what was more relevant to adults. At times this met a melting point. For example I discovered jazz by listening to my father's records. Miles Davis and Ornette Coleman became important to me because of my father. And yet there were means of tension as some of these jazz records were not to my liking and seemingly defined him more than did me, Stanley Turrentine and Quincy Jones among others.

The WOODSTOCK era would then elevate that contension of youth. Whereas this defined the hippie culture it further expressed that notion of youth and freedom. The British Invasion, the Beatles and rock and roll had already established this.

Generational Politics of today is understandable as the fusion of world and internet politics has established where we are today. What is life as a young person is totally removed from an adult in the day to day because the circumstances surrounding children is influenced by so much more unlike the 50's or 60's. The movie KIDS was able to portray the nature of a child. It has yet to be equaled although foreign films succeed at giving a voice to youth culture.

Movies from earlier on celebrated youth in an honest way. 1980's BREAKFAST CLUB movies were true to nature although the sex comedies as a trend has lead to what I call the "White Boy" movies of today which demeans the original humor. Harry Potter can be said to have heightened the notion of entertainment for youth but at the same time it is not giving a voice to young men and women as to how they live and talk. Somehow these fantasy movies continue to be made and they fail to represent the youth of today.

While mature men and women continue to watch CNN and worry about gender issues, young men and women live a life outside of this. FASHION, SEX and MUSIC are areas where the elements of both come together in marketing and campaigns to sell commercial products for the sake of a dollar.

Otherwise there will continue to be limits between what is young and what is old. This as a conscientious world has been dimmed enough to allow for little introspection furthering a higher cause for internet sex, technology issues and money management.

The understanding of who we are, where we come from and where we are going somehow is not important any more.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

December's Girl
Kofi Fosu Forson

Always will be in my solemnest of hearts a place for that better part
Uplifted into a world sharing hot chocolate with December's girl
Twirl of winds this winter wonderland sitting to think of a greater plan

Collapsing after midnight in the upper room of a white-walled cafe
Farther from those who gather beneath mocking the sounds of spoons
Alone in this majesty our hearts in abound at the love we have found

We have sat on the coldest day the lessons to be learned
We laughed at the presence of authority a hierarchy we spurned

We were the color blue your face Binoche
To have kissed you was Kieslowski's touch


The Manifest of the Gorilla Head

Kofi Fosu Forson

Gorilla Head, Cabeza de Gorilla, was a novel I wrote over the course of five years. I spent two years afterwards editing it with the help of poet and my professor of Film and Literature at the time Diane Stevenson.

It had potential and still does but I feel in retrospect my choice of language was not as clear as it is now. Having spent five years in a virtual relationship with British curator and writer Gaynor Sweeney I have excelled at my notion of language and philosophy. And much like most of my friends, colleagues and mentors I have bid them adieu with a path now which includes people who care about my well being as friend and artist and are not in it to poison me with their ego.

Noah Becker, publisher of Whitehot Magazine, among them who continues to further my dreams as magazine writer.

In writing for Whitehot I have spoken to and writen about some exceptional artists including John Lurie and Phoebe Legere. Much of this venture is a dream come true as I get to talk to childhood heroes and idols. I spent my entire teenage years idolizing John Lurie, the musician, actor and painter. To have spent an evening talking to him on line was quite special. The same goes for Joan Jeanrenaud former cellist for the Kronos Quartet.

Having parted ways with my connection with Liverpool and its artists with the exception of Jo Debyshire who is currently working to get me involved with the Liverpool Biennial, I have had to tend to matters domestic and life oriented. More so than not I have had to restrain myself from living the hard-edged life of most artists who fail to tend to their emotional and physical health.

I've since built a defense which has helped me deal with matters familial and sexual. I continue to ward of people who have potential to affect my life in a negative way. In a sense writing outside of the magazine has taken a backseat. As of today I am planning to quit smoking. The photo which accompanies this blog is an example of my past which will follow me for the rest of my life but in doing so I would have carried on with a more healthier and probable way of living.

I'd like to apologize to those who follow my blog and have not been able to read new and current blogs. The past five years has been an exercise in philosophy and ego. It has taken me that much time to find my voice. I have spent the months away from my blog to build exceptional virtual relationships with people on line, mostly Facebook.

I bring to you now a sense of knowing and belonging as human first then artist. The person and body that I am now is some one you can relate to. I'll continue to blog on topics that interest me and you as well and hopefully help to further and build this internet community.

Thursday, July 08, 2010