Friday, September 24, 2010

Hazy Fantazy
The Fantasy Delirium
Woman as Flesh/Woman as Fantasy

Kofi Fosu Forson

The virtual age has spurned a subreality from the existence of the female in flesh to an all too reality of women as virtual fantasies. Having lived a virtual reality for the past ten years women seem a vision less impressionable in the real as they are as denominated within the dream sequence or managed and exploited within fantasies.

The woman at once intelligent featured as body sexual and penetrable has become a means of transient and fleeting examples of masturbation or made do for neccessary moments of meaningless chatter for the sole purpose of fornication. Much of this is so because of the virtual seperation between men and women in the modern age. A lot is also due to the fascination with pornography where women are virtual desires.

Women as physical beings have taken on a strain between love and desire. Whereas women in the past were understood as complicated beings most men took time intellectually and psychologically to know them, it is now more or less advantageous to woo a woman to bed than to know her within the realms of heart, spirit and soul.

People do still marry and carry on strong relationships. That love is in existence is real. Simply love is what keeps the balance between us as humans. What has occurred are the links with which people find love and how they define love for themselves. The eccentricities of love has taken on proportions which remove from its core what is morally acceptable among humans.

The entity that was and is love was furthered by the disposition of women as nurturing beings. Currently the woman has removed herself from that role and is more a seductress. This is more or less due to the pluarity in language between men and women. The introduction of tantric culture and the woman as sex muse was quick to influence gender politics. It encouraged the nature of women and gave them a sense of dominance more or less the right to be sexually free.

As physical beings and in the flesh women are obsessively in competition with the virtual muse. The model that is the porn actress wears on the conscience of the male in society. To then imbibe the existence of women in the real much of the fantasy delirium plays a part as it removes the fervour of what is female and turns it into a physical and almost animalistic relevance. That the female becomes a sexual creature less alluring more subjected to fornication.
Within the realm of fantasy the woman is not trading skin for skin or exchanging body fluids. She is a sex muse with relevance to the psychical and spiritual. It is not a sex act but it is indeed a sexual experience. As fantasy it is orgiastic and orgasmic. It plays on the erogenous zones. Depending on how psychically aware a person is they are turned on and react physically.

Modern women in their current existence have to compete with the virtual world with it's sex muses and virtual fantasies. The person that is woman therefore in the real and in the flesh is limited to a notion a thing as the intellect is removed from the female animal leaving her problematic as a sexual creature who feasts on the body without any probabilities of thought.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

La Belle Ballyhoo
Modernizing of the Bombshell/
Pornography and the Reality Show

Kofi Fosu Forson
The differentiation of the good girl and what is normal has thinned itself into what is now accepted as obsessive behavior. There are no good girls it seems. The once blessed Catholic girl is tattooed with multiple lovers.

Women are now made divisible by the bombast and those who walk the street in the everyday. The eccentricity of the bombshell is a woman with bleached blonde hair, well dressed with heavy make-up. The notion was this variety of woman was the one enjoying the most sex. Due to what was home-made porn the typical woman in the everyday has acquired as much flirtation as the female who once subjected herself to Las Vegas trips or dated business men. This circumstance has rioted into what is orgiastic leaving very little space for women who function in what would be deemed as normal and typical.

Once was the variety of women where some were more intellectual, shy, promiscuous, secretive or lonely. Somehow many women have merged this difference as this so-called laughable sexual revolution has formed women into one identity as men-seeking-whores.

There is truth to this as some women of extreme intelligence are forced to live a sense of hilarity dumbing down their intelligence to be as bimbotic as most women. The breath of an intelligent women combined with a heightened sexuality is such an attractive thing. These are the kind of women who warrant an extreme sexuality. What I find however is that many of these women subject themselves to men who are less dominant sexually as if they are unwilling to partnership with profound men of masculinity.

Men who want to quote/unquote "get laid" do so with a variety of women most of whom are insatiable and not the typical professional woman. Some women do seek to marry and have children. Many find this on-line on websites like But even with marriages some are polyamorous or include women who are interested in group sex.

What is bothersome is the declared language between men and women. Honesty and sophistication is a thing of the past. Men pursue women mostly for sex. Vice versa women do the same. Those who pursue marriage are exclusive in how they find it.

Otherwise this pattern of feasting on the body for sex will increase all through societies around the world. Men and women will seek one thing and one thing only. Any forms of intelligent banttering will be left to social networks like Facebook.

Whereas men and women exist locally and internationally sexual activity will be made pronounceable in how men and women relate. Obscenity will replace integrity. Respect for the opposite sex will be nothing more than excuse to fornicate.

Gender relations have officially been extenuated. There are no principles governing who the woman is and what she wants. It's understood.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

La Fass Book:
Torment of the Literary Thinker

Kofi Fosu Forson

Facebook has overcome me. I find myself on Facebook several times a day. I do know why and it's no mystery. I'm home there. People like me there. These aren't friends I sit with and drink coffee talk into the wee hours in the morning. It is virtual. I understand. We don't look each other in the eye. We don't touch each other physically. We do so virtually.

I've spent the better part of this decade virtually doing projects with people as far as Liverpool. That ended. Then I found myself on Facebook which was in a sense a continuation of this madness. Madness in a sense that what we accomplish whether theoretical or philosophical is done within a literary plain of psychical and virtual means.

Even the thing that is love has become virtual. I had my first virtual affair with a Mexican girl I met on Facebook. At first I wooed her into literary thoughts on love and art. Much of this stemmed from my years of seducing women into art. Soon enough we started live chatting on Facebook. Then I got her phone number. The long distance phone calls followed. She assumed the role of lover and virtual muse. She sent me nude photographs and a video of her stripping. We even went as far as to have virtual sex which means during the live chat we began to talk dirty and promptly masturbated in our respective homes while assuming the dialogue.

My problem with Facebook is that there are very few Fassbinders and Kieslowskis to be found. And if so people rarely spend time thinking profoundly. There are those who do but many of these people pose as thinkers. They present the occasional quote from writers past. It then forms a thread whereby people comment. I find that Facebook is not a place for literary thinkers. I continue to form this literary circle of people who love my updates and build a friendship. This becomes my virtual cafe where I share intimacy, friendship and even love.

The love that exists on Facebook tends to take on phantasmagorical proportions as it did with a Polish model who lives in Italy. Once again I seduced her into my world of love and art. But ours wasn't intimated on love and sex. I sent her thoughts and opinions and she responded with Hallmark like quotes. I was overwhelmed. But the physicality was missing. This was torment as our virtual ghosts were in love. If anything it played on my loneliness. I spent time fantasizing about her. Supposedly she spent time fantasizing about me as well. This was our sexual experience a means of psychical sexual torture. I promptly told her to "kill the ghost. kill the ghost" She now is among my 400 plus friends and we don't carry on like we did.

I feel I do benefit from Facebook as literary thinkers in society do so professionally whether they partake in a literary forum, tour as writers and artists. When it comes to Facebook people are keen on being carefree almost silly and irreverent. It removes from the nature of people actually thinking. But as matters go people love my updates and this to me is enough.

I tend not to care about my number of friends on Facebook as some people have as many as 5000. What I do hope to do is find another muse to carry on the notion of projects or even one day fall in love.

Monday, September 06, 2010

This is an article I recently published in Whitehot Magazine featuring filmmaker BETTE GORDON. She gives an insight into the making of her legendary film VARIETY which included the works of writer Kathy Acker, musician and artist John Lurie and photographer and actress Nan Goldin. Please click on the following link: