Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shape, Form, Musculature

Kofi Fosu Forson

Brain is muscle. Mind broadens itself based on how well-oiled the brain is.

Most people function linearly within life's various ups and downs. One need not be subjected to emotional break downs and diagnosis to experience how difficult life can be. Difference is for those who have been mired in intervensions from health professionals the life experience takes them psychologically through trials and tribulations which prevents them from living a life based on that linear path from life to death.

People befallen by emotional torture live within shape. They are bound in that shape. This could be rectangular, triangular or circle. There's no path beyond what they know. Much of their experience is enclosed in that quagmire.

What needs happen is an intervension. At times it occurs from the vision of person looking into the situation. Sometimes those experiencing trouble more or less crisis in the circle reach outside.

It is problem which needs an equation such is the trial and tribulations of life. Many are stubborn they are defeated. Ego prevents them from facing life situations head on. Most refrain from counseling evident in physical health and mental health issues as well.

Corporate decisions are based on conference. Brain trusts resolve most of a company's issues. Family settings require an ultimate vocal presence as in the I Id Father perhaps similar to a company's presidents veto.

Parental opinions in the modern day are overridden by a feel for entitlement in those young and arrogant. Nuclear families more or less have imploded caved into the notion of princedom ruled by Harry Potters of the world.

90's Prozac Nation gave way to a variety of movements such as The Emo movement or those made derelict based on drugs and music technology and porno.

Functionality and manifestation of the brain as muscle has been left to those in power politically or those who empower themselves politically as in the OCCUPY WALL STREET movement.

Activism is still current in today's society. There those with conscience whether animal rights, the GREEN movement or the majority of those who champion the cause of tenant rights over ruthless landlords.

The populace overwhelmed by life itself governed by politics of a various nature somehow able to express an inner voice. This stemmed from the availability of the internet over the years.

Bloggers gained notoriety even been called upon to guest on talk shows. However the brilliance of what was a chance to hit back hard at the establishment has been replaced by social websites none of which add strength to the inner voice. These sights more or less give a faux existence.

Having been away from any sense of academia for decade or so it's quite unclear what form education takes in universities and colleges around the world. In an interview with Kyle P. Silvers a student at a college in Green Bay, Wisconson I understood how many of his classmates are overwhelmed by politics more so here in America much less what is happening in other countries.

Circumstances surrounding pop culture and the sense of reality television and virtual reality is order in the day. Signifiers lack authenticity. They range from attempts at toughness as staring at a person directly taking a long drag from a cigarette and blowing out the smoke. This is referred to as "smoking you out."

Machismo is found among blue collar men or those who are described as "meat heads." Siginifiers in the street is only understood by those who know the street. These are men of ethnicity or mature adults who represent the idea of honor and respect.

For a while the streets in New York were full of young well to do white men or even boys who imitate scenes from gangster movies. Idea of masculine white men in New York as seen in legends as Scorsese's Deniro or Lumet's Pacino. Rock and Roll legends as Lou Reed and David Johansen. has been replaced by effeminate to almost asexual young white men.

Its almost comical to see their attempts at what is "street wise." Most of this is seen in those who posture or pose and others young black men who speak what they feel is unique and separate from young white men.

Brain as muscle or the the idea of "genius" is more to be found among young brilliant white men who open up websites or start companies or mothers of young black men who discipline their children with hopes of becoming future OBAMAS.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Intellectual Male Posturing
Evolution of Man in Modern Society

Kofi Fosu Forson

Standing among friends and colleagues in an area meant for smokers outside a bar with drops of rain falling I mentioned the name NORMAN MAILER.

Norman Mailer has always meant to me a level of cult among 50's American literary culture. I think of Marilyn Monroe and the book Executioner's Song later the novel Tough Guys Don't Dance.

The most remarkable thing about his persona for me was his Jewishness steeped in savvy and extreme wit. He reminded me of Picasso at once a rock solid presence but somehow had eyes that appreciated beauty.

Mailer along with Picasso were two men who exemplified machismo and vulnerability in their respective worlds of art and literature.

Among the Hollywoodized evolution of the masculine male even the truest of gangster types as Edward G Robinson and later James Gagney had a level of brilliant beauty in their posture. They were more than just men they were idols.

Cagney's performance in Guys and Dolls is an example. Where an ultimate macho like Marlon Brando displays a level of brilliance and beauty. In a way the male macho has always been suspected of being a closet effeminate.

Rock Hudson coming out was an understanding of this. Even Brando in The Wild Ones given the subject matter of a motor cycle gang gives off that homo erotic gentle beauty in the style of Brando's character. Tough and arrogant but beautiful.

Nicolas Ray's handling of James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause puts forth the definition of the tough guy macho as wounded and beautiful.

The Black African relevance of this is the Mandigo character. Black masculinity is viewed separate from the white symbol. The black example is rooted in the black male as warrior.

Holloywood lessened that sentiment with buffoonery in those minstrel cartoons. Sidney Poitier would emerge as a solid Hollywood black actor who went on to win an Oscar.

Blaxploitation films depicted a different black macho. The idea of the pimp and drug dealer was more evident.

Shaft a film by Gordon Parks singularly the most brilliant black literary figure of our time promoted the sex appeal of the black male.

Basquiat in the 80's originated the black Neo Expressionist. Bob Thompson before him wasn't quite the rockstar. Jean Michel Basquiat was interesting because he emanated from graffiti culture and yet his association with Warhol cultivated a unique persona.

Hip Hop and RAP Culture was an extension of that 80's art and music culture. Gangsterism followed what then found its relevance in music like Neo Soul.

Since then the black male ideal outside of sports music and politics is unidentifiable.

Historically very few men have exhibited a persona that was macho and not a little reflective and vulnerable. 70's Hollywood men were interesting as they were the most brute in Hollywood history.

The John Waynes of the world. That is why the Rock Hudson revelation was such a shock.

In a song by Steely Dan Donald Fagen sings "I have never met Napoleon. I would like to find the time. Because he looks so fine upon that hill".

PUNK as a go between 70's masculinity and the NEO Expressionism that followed inspired an effeminate nature.

80's male was a combination of both. The likes of Chris Walken and John Malkovich were elegant men who displayed that sense of educated male and bruteness as witnessed in Walken's roles from Deer Hunter to King of New York, a somewhat elegant beauty but masculine.

90's gave way to newfound rock and roll, what was known as grunge. In it you had personas like Trent Reznor and Al Jourgenson display a sense of ultimate self made sexual authority but at the same time express a sense of homo eroticism.

The Metrosexual followed soon thereafter, basically the male expressing femininity to attract women. Much of this led to the propensity of men to fall into the mode of drugs and depression highlighted in what became a combination of heroin overdoses, sadomasochism and suicides.

Kurt Cobain's death defined this generation.

Beginning of the 2000 decade saw movements like Emo culture fused with a generation of post 9/11 children inspired by technology, politics and internet porn as well as digitalized form of music.

As we see it now society is permeated with a disconcerted group of men intellectually depraved removed from the notion of what is man and masculine.

Currently New York a city known for its sense of power and the self made man is divided by the blue collar macho and the effeminate white male.

Men are less driven by thought and are prone to an animalistic sense of the id seen in young men who were Hipsters turned Travis Bickle wannabes and are now young students.

Now New York is more or less a college town.

Men who own seniority are hard working torn between supporting a family and pursuit of independence be it retirement or art.

I sense the idea of power and submission runs rampant in the redefining of sex displayed among Queer Culture, return of sadomasochism and how prison culture and mentality permeates minds of men both young and mature.