Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Driving Drunk with the Gallery Girl

You summoned me from an Expressionist sofa a picture you wanted to take
Gallery girl paparazza why you pick me, did I seem cordial, I’m a mess
Maybe you saw in my eyes, a fracture, abstract sentimentality, faux nigga
Who you know, thrill chill killas take you out back waste you on herb
They be doing it, in the afternoon with the glass of wine, they be doing it
Hung up a hit, cause it was my spit, talked her up some German Kokoschka
Wasn’t too long, had my painting on the wall, she quick like that, she quick
South of Houston Marlene Dietrich, ain’t no biz like art biz, she makes loot
All lit up, making calls to Liverpool, can’t touch you, be fucking her man
Chinese trigger finger, gots you sniffing the lines, standing with a camera
So I stood up, you took some shots, wasted like a dirty paper bag, empty
White shadow, looking over the bug ups, all here to see some art, says who
Artists are so trippy, see that boy over there, he paints with blood, shit
That sure is some Chris Ofili, so you like me, you wanna give up the nasty
Not feeling you like that, you know it ain’t about that, next day she says
I really thank you, No, I really do, You were not like the others, Thank you
Sharing a cigarette on the veranda, we talk like that, she all that and more
Had me knowing she wrecked from heroin, crawling her way back to reality
Back to life, she made paintings with the American flag, dag, she good
She tough, got more balls than a sumo, little miss dangerous, we smoke
So this hippy space gots some aces, art stars, the know it alls, been there
Done that, sat with the fat cats, been to their flats, slept in their loft beds
Bowie, Shalom, where’s the next party, they come in here during the day
Wanting to know if their paintings sold, bottles of wine, in a plastic cup
Squash, in a garbage can, who look the fool, you do, you ain’t saying shit
Your philosophy ain’t no controversy, your art, seen it else where, not real
She hangs with me, watches them fight among themselves, with the owner
They be rioting, causing a commotion, she be rioting, causing a commotion
We be a sensation, word around the gallery we be like this, damn right yeah
We be like that, she be trouble, ain’t nobody gonna put a hand on her, no
She do what she want, fuck who she want, boys, girls, sex, toys, all the noise
She takes me drinking, she wants me drinking, we get drunk, we drive drunk
Her red Porsche be swaying, her eyes be closing, driving drunk, we swaying
She be talking, she high, she high on liquor, I be sitting there like a puppy
Yes maam, it’s your show, take me where you wanna go, we drunk driving
One night we were by ourselves, she took to this, me, like what the fuck
Thought we were friends, but no, we were kissing, smooching, look at her
Smiling with her eyes, I love kissing she says, look at her eyes, she happy
I pulled away, she wasn’t upset, my ass would have been meat, this girl
We were drinking night Janet Jackson showed her tits at the Super Bowl
We went out driving through China Town, we got lost, up and down
Up and down China Town, didn’t know where the hell we were, scared
Almost drove up a bridge, but around and around we went, China Town
Ended up at a bar, the Giants were winning, we were drinking, Scotch
Beer, shots, could barely talk, could barely see, she could barely kiss me
Got into the car and drove, her red Porsche be swaying, her eyes be closing
Driving drunk, we were swaying, she be talking, she be high, high on liquor
Sitting there like a puppy, yes maam, it’s your show, we be driving drunk

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