Thursday, April 19, 2007

Les Femmes
Perspective de l’artiste

Kofi Fosu Forson

The chef in white… The bride in white… The French maid in white… The surgeon in white… The tennis player in white… The party girl in white… The virgin…

The widow in black… Audrey Hepburn in black… Black bikini… Black party dress... Serena Williams in a black cat suit… Nicole Kidman in a black gown…

Georgia O’Keefe in black and white…

The punk musician with blue hair… The model with green lipstick… The cellist from North Carolina with red hair…

As a man, when you look at an attractive woman, what do you think about? Whether it’s a passport picture, centerfold, television screen, movie screen or flap of a novel, doesn’t your mind roam?

The mind ultimately races from her many histories to what it’s like to be in her company. Now imagine sitting in her presence, notice her eyes, smile, if with teeth, her perfume, natural body smell, her clothes and if allowed, the sound of her voice. When you speak, does she look straight into you? Is she smiling? Do you get the feeling she wants to touch you? If not, does she take any interest in you by not wanting to leave?

As a woman, when you talk to another woman, what do you think about? Do you recognize her greatness, as a mother, anchor woman, business owner, lawyer or doctor? Does her make up impress you enough to wonder if it’s Revlon? Is she more than just representative of the same gender or is she a friend, sister or business partner?

The diva, queen, princess, school girl, are all at once pure, marked by particular colors, affectations, symmetries, loyal to the assimilations of breasts and vaginal cavity.

The female body bends into a curve at the waist, sloping down along the thighs. The buttocks protrude into an oval shape.

Her features are pretty, from the eyes…a “la bouche.” The grandness of the hair forms as a frame to her face. When she pulls it back, it highlights her cheeks, eyes and the very face that she presents to the world.

To watch a woman comb the hair is a movie in itself. When she puts on make-up or brushes her eye-lashes, it’s done with care. All of this adds to her nature as doll, actress, ballerina and chanteuse.

Overshadowing the very element of woman is the goddess or Amazon woman. She is tall and well-endowed. Her breath is of heat. Her sex is a crowning glory of a person who gives life at the bosom or through pregnancy.

In her existence, the female is a query to every man’s fascination. Whether she walks into a room, stands naked or simply sits reading a book.

Man is forced to imbibe the nature of women into his art. That and sex are moments when he is able to guard himself against the prowess of the female.

Les Femmes…Elles sont tout...!!!

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