Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Genius is Making Art of Murder without a Trace of Blood

Genius is making Art of Murder without a Trace of Blood

Kofi Fosu Forson

Black rat in a cage black rat in a cage white punk found black rat in a cage

Jean Michele from hell Jean Michele from hell was put under white hot spell

Put under white hot spell walking Warhol across from 9th and Tompkinville

Tompkinville to Yaffa Tompkinville to Yaffa where girls with boys got guns

Girls with boys got guns New York University trust fund kids primadonnas

Primadonna kids shit on concrete fuck you impersonating Satan in hood

Satan in hood artists pretend Thursdays in Chelsea devil in a blue dress

Devil in a blue dress red wine or white picking up on a fuck for the night

Fuck for the night two men on girl threesomes artourages wandering Soho

Artourages wandering Soho Spencer Tunick sighting Anthony Haden Guest

Anthony Haden Guest sitting in restaurant whispering words from a poem

Words from a poem socialites gallery gurus gather painting by Caravaggio

Painting by Caravaggio in the dark yellowish orange our faces made history

Our faces made history secret history of contemporary art New York now

Digital cameras killed the 35 millimeter PC’s put to death the film camera

“Where did the young gonzos go?” “Where did the young gonzos go?”

Flocking to Washington Square video cameras in hand thinking Tarantino

Thinking Tarantino genius is making art of murder without a trace of blood

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Masturbation has been Replaced by Defecation
Taking a Shit is a Fuck You

Kofi Fosu Forson

Masturbation has been replaced by defecation.

Childish behavior is prevalent among us in society a time when parental guidance has relieved itself of power and control given in to kid gloves.

Genius has been said is a time when the adult comes to terms with the child in him. None of this was meant to be prankish behavior. More or less it's a time when creativity and imagination takes place.

Two celebrities come to mind Johnny Deppy and Quinten Tarantion, two people I believe will eventually find themselves in a film project which I sense will blow up the proportions of what is cinema, theater and persona.

It reigns in my fantasy and may not happen but both personas Depp and Tarantino have extreme amounts of imagination.

The child at his early stage expresses that ability to create much like a young boy I saw at church who in the moment is directing or perfoming complete with different characters with a voice for each character.

None of it is trully audible but he dashes back and forth mumbling, changing his facial expressions and in a sense is in his own domain.

This is genius, something we find in the future as adults, complete in its form.

Not many are blessed with talent if at all. As children we draw, we paint, we sing.

Singing is something addressed in reality talent shows on televison today. Most of these contestants are not stars in the making. They basically fill the quota of what is a production with financial backing.

I once asked a virtual friend what is going to become of all this pornography on the internet. She didn't have an answer.

The dimension of what is internet pornography has changed much as gentrification has created an influx of different emotion and philosophical mind traps which stem from our virtual world.

Combination of gentrification and virtual reality together governed by the outright politicizing of thought based on a "white" sensibility we are free to roam without any particular base. Foundations on employment, sexuality, identity, self empowerment have given way to "nothingness".

Homo eroticizing quickly found its way into popular culture. To this day I am not sure of its origin.

Homosexuality granted gained power politically and that is certainly warranted. But I think of the character "The Gimp" in the aforementioned Tarantino's Pulp Fiction or the film Broke Back Mountain along with internet websites as Youtube or the internet porn industry and I wonder if VICE magazine and its influence on the young, fantasy vampire and werewolf novels and films drew the minds of many who may have been brought up on S. E. Hinton's coming of age books and threw them into a pool of blood and feces.

Currently there's a fascination with defecating in public. There are signs in certain areas where people are warned not to deficate publicly.

I've had neighbors and roommates who deficate in their bedrooms. Perhaps this stems from what was the anema. But somehow this commands a sexual and demonic circumstance.

Whereas The Beats wrote to prove a point. Rock and roll started a cause. Grafitti was public art...

...taking a shit is a fuck you.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Was Picasso Gay When He Sat with Matisse Arguing About Flowers

Kofi Fosu Forson

German gorilla waits at bus top waddling empty lonely sidewalk

Wind blows his coiffure imagine German gorilla with pompadour

On the bus seat tapping his gorilla feet ogling through eye glasses

School of Visual Arts plastic bag glistening letters S.V.A. in red

I said to him “How is the old jungle. Have you climbed any trees?”

“What about professors? Does the name Bill Beckley ring a bell?”

Bill Beckley in his MC leather jacket philosophical David Hockney

Tongue tapped his way through texts: Umberto Eco Roland Barthes

Sunlight washed interior of bus he spoke about his life as sculptor

Wanted a scene separate from Playboys drugs and cheap women

What he needed was friendship: diner food pool hall jazz music

At my apartment glow of light listened as Charles Mingus howled

White walls almost shook in agreement we had found friendship

A world as this where men blow other men fuck each other for fun

Why would we ever have been gentlemen in the company of men

High rise twentieth floor open window looked down on poverty

Families pushing carts piles of groceries boxes and paper bags

Walked among them slid under branches leaves into open spaces

Faces worn made masculine women overweight bottoms in jeans

What might have been two men at a bar we go shopping for porn

Times Square desperate for pussy: blue magazine triple XXX video

Entering stores flipping pages women spread eagled bare breasts

French porn “Oui Oui Oui” not French people fucking not at all

A world now where we are one in an orgy homoerotic virtual exotic

How could I meet a man in passing say an innocent thing as hello

Not fondle inside bathroom pretend to be straight then fuck a friend

Animal is now punk pervert queer: animal fucks for love loves to fuck

Sexual ghosts seek orgasms transmit heat permeating our stratosphere

Bodies burn curious minds racial boundaries gender politics courtship

People want insatiably fucking aura of a person immediate satisfaction

Time passed I became human stumbled upon German Gorilla on train

Met on rooftop drinking red wine seemed homosexual new place in time

Tuesday, March 12, 2013