Friday, April 21, 2017

Art Hot - Possessive Self versus Art Truancy

Selfie is the selfless self seeking attention.

Painting in museum or gallery is product of the artist once possessed. The possessive self needs order. Practice and need for perfection is the constant resolve with which he makes art.

The art truant self-prompts for attention, wills the persona more than talent.

Graffiti artist is the example of someone who is driven by angst. This drive is actionable, less neurotic more activist.

The selfie is done aimlessly without conclusion. To make art of the selfie is a dare.

Compromise between the self-possessed artist, one who scribbles or illustrates on napkin and the circumvent selfie promoter has a resolution rooted in query of what is art?

Art hot amplifies subjectivity of its value. 60's culture saw rebellion from representational art detailed in the Kosuth collaborative culture.

Cubism and Abstract Expression can then be seen as the artist changing the dynamic. Contribution to this would then be what is expected of the artist.

Does he meet that glowing and glorifiable dare from within to manifest? How then does he gain credibility as artist? Does he fit the mode or become the squared peg attracting the circle?

Voluminously art encompasses all that is creative. Supposed interpretation of art is made relative to fine art, more so the framed painting or drawing. Officiality placed upon it would then be it's merit in a gallery, museum or auction setting.

I'm more so inspired to determine mindset of the artist in his or her persona, cult of this - That Dali was mad is controversy. Picasso was just as mad.

It is the conscience which prescribes who and what is art. The product is by parlance a given.

Pecuniary understanding of art as business has corporatized all that is made definitive of talent, conscience and power.

In today's art world Picasso would be the ridicule.

One who transcends the "art boy genius" and on a grander scale the art warriors, neck breakers and art lords who have survived various movements see into its successes.

I for one have seen one too many Gerhard Richter's to know what drives the art messianic.

What is Hot ? ~ !

Beauty tantamount with intellect optimally is sign of prescience. There is however no understanding of Athena and Aphrodite represented in the singular female. Assumption of this carries with it relevance to flawed nature within the human person.

The female body naked is eternal - Mothering potential makes for newness as in birth, death of which furthers and completes the life circumstance.

Female body naked herein makes for pull of attraction in the human male.

If one is ever to determine what is hot, sex, the act and preoccupation surrounding it defines any and all understanding of heat, both physical and virtual.

Modernity and technology singularly bring about preservation of what is youthful; an interpretation governed by marketing and promoting the ingenue as product.

Commerciality however predetermines what demographic best responds to a given cycle. Much of this falls on the balance of race and gender.

The young white male and female are celebrated separately from how the black boy or girl meet acceptance . Youth in the white person condescendingly holds superiority.

The black person's athleticism and naturalizing of "black beauty" in the redirect is accentuated. This is the dastardly mark of racism.

Afro-futurism, Black Hollywood, Hip Hop culture and continuance to maintain what in history has been a black renaissance is the task at hand going forward.

Otherwise the term "white-hot-heat" will forever mean all that is beautiful, white, blond and blue-eyed.

How to Tell You are in a Porno

Walk Away Renee is a song that moves me. There's passion in the vocals. How the song begins from the very few lines to the chorus. That is the wait to get to the chorus.

To forego foreplay - The memory of this would then be the rush to have an orgasm. Even then there's pleasure in the moment. The intro to a song. Pleasure you experience waiting to get to the chorus. Listening to the song, having had the experience.

The porno is ready-made sex action you relive. It's not an event rather cause for guilt. It's not happening if you watch in inertia. As prompt it propels the sex act.

Subjectivity of perversion and pervertedness would suggest what porno is for. The pervert finds himself watching alone, performing on himself. Perversion brings about acute malady whereby a person detects porno in the strangest circumstances.

(This is how and when you can tell you are in a porno - )

One must always be in tune with the body. Be able to know at all times functionality in how it operates, it's meta possibilities, psycho associations, emotional, physical, sexual... (psychical).

If nude we are the excuses we bare, how innocence begets experience, nuance of rhythm, motion, abject condition of skin, girth, endowment. In clothes we are what we represent, quality of which refers to aesthetic and style.

The scenario is always a fall from grace - What is normal and what isn't. Sex is normal, Rape is the curse. Then there's music. In every moment is a melody detectable only as the mood is accentuated. It is not in the actual hearing of music, rather what is intimated within circumstance.
The body is present at all times, a call to which certifies who we are, where we are. What it attracts, who engages it, brings about confluence. Compatibility would then suggest the stereo-izing of love. If all is common and falls into place, human interconnectivity allows for eloquence, charm, fellowship.

What then herein is an element of porno? Porno is situational willing of the body to communicate with whomever, which ever way possible, however and with what means this is accomplished.

The sadist and masochist are always at war. Understandably cause for action is pleasure. The body demands all that there is in the moment but with reason. Everything and those involved are marked as objects. It's a game within a game. Each move determines a point / counterpoint. As with chaos and order what begins as concept finds a way into infinity. Much happens before anything would suppose victory, derivative of the orgasm.

In situational porno a conversation begins, such as a riff introducing a jazz composition. Whatever choreography is imagined occurs based on dynamic of person, place, thing, determined as synchronicity. Music can be found here, the moment when bodies collide psychically. Tone and textures accentuate order of this, speaking without saying a word. Speaking as means to an end. One would expect time experienced in the moment to be pornographic, the very reason it is definable as porno.

If porno is perceived as sex action it must include a form of lovemaking. The bodies may be at war but the fight is managed virtually as fantasy. The porno exists as vision, ability, sense and perception.

What sex can be found here is initiated as prompt. As with porno the moment begins with narrative, circumstance. How bodies interact brought about by mood. The music in the ear...!

If not then virtual rape plays itself up within minds of the plenty. The many fantasies that go unsatisfied.

Is that porno? To play pretend sex action? Porno is damage and with cult fascination those who play it play to win.

Amour Malade - Dispositions/Black/White/Death

In poster for Mike Figgis' The Loss of Sexual Innocence there's an image of a young black and white couple as Adam and Eve. The black male equivalent as Adam, white female respectively as Eve.

The interracial relevance qualifies what we are subjected to from this very Biblical reference as torture, beginning of the end, where from we fall.

Depiction of black male and white female given suppositions of sex immediately awakens anger and arousal. This distinct torment brought about by theme of racial divide in history, further in our ongoing status and current political climate, reveals evolution of black male libido, circumstance with which it has answered the call of "white fang", white ass, white lust.

The white female thereby readdresses the magnitude of her interest in the black male as physical specimen, sexual dynamo. Having reached conclusion over time through slavery, The Jazz Age, Civil Rights Movement, Blaxploitation, Neo-Expressionism, Hip-Hop, one would be curious to think in face of white nationalism and the white female's role in the recent election what determines temperament between the white female and black male within sexual politics.

These times are far from and yet not too far from Todd Solondz's film Storytelling where a black character tells his white female counterpart to yell "Ni**er, fuck me hard". Black/White sexual stereotyping will always include the forbidden fruit, that very thing society speaks against yet is alluring.

Post-post modernism and its dimensions of genderism, racism and magnitude of trolling, rape culture, sexual neologism and fascination with internet porn has brought new perspective to what the black male, especially the young thoroughbred fantasizes or seeks in copulation with the white female.

Suggestions for this can be ascertained in post gangsta and neo-soul culture. The new hip hop star is moneyed and at liberty to score in more ways than those of another generation. There's a hyper-awareness in what the young black male finds appealing in the white female.

It can be said there has been a pop-popularizing of the sex ethic post crack cocaine epidemic, AIDS, the "down low", mass incarceration, crime, the police, sensationalized killings, LGBTQ, BLM. Supposition of the black male's extinction accentuates how he is marginalized therefore encourages empathy from certain white women, a case relevant all though history.

In what can be imagined as the hyper-real black male descendant of Jazz, Native Tongue Movement, Spoken Word, Neo-Soul, James Baldwin and Jean-Michel Basquiat, he has been witness to subcultures of punk and art, surmised what he wants from the white American female and the European woman.

He is now at a point where he reinvents the black politik, Afro-futurist, Activist, Neo-Liberal, Black Nationalist. His means of survival is underdressing aesthetic of the white female. He imagines potential of black hyper-femininity, reinterprets aesthetics of beauty. Love, sex and romance take on prospects of business and politics.

His role as universal pimp, player acquires a renewed circumstance. Having come up from death, love as disease, he reexamines meaning of love, to have and have not, sin and be saved, play dog or refrain from point / counterpoint -

Become an example, a cure, solution.

Dans L'Erotique, Le Corps est Electrique -

James Dean did not die. Marilyn Monroe is the weather. An ashen grey metallic Porsche becomes one with the night.

Dynamism of the body in heat is a result of systems aligned. In the erotic the body is electric. What moves...? It's an order by design an accumulation of thought, mass propensity, the urge, if masculine circulates with will to pounce, the feminine fluctuates within permanent ecstasy.

The youthful never die. They resist. This process has underpinnings of the original idea - the fight is between the inner at war with the outer, what is however translated or transcribed becomes art. The result is not art. It is more the interpretation.

Two bodies making love, conceptually understood, therefore meets the intent of beginning, middle, end. However, indeterminably relevance of two people in the act would suggest imperfection. The encounter meets hunger, desperation.

That it is an edit bordering love, trust, we reimagine it as an eternal placement. Of flesh much can be disputed as to what is beautiful, sexy and erotic. The body is beautiful. The skin ages much as the body and person in question gain experience with time.

In stereo. In HD the body naked completes itself. Notion of two people with perfect bodies making love promotes health fascination, more so perpetual eroticism. One would surmise the same for two people in love or that of two experienced lovers.

Why then would the mature lover seek the eternal in a much younger lover? How does this border lust? Is lust not the very idea?

Therein lies decay. What purports the nuance of death. The body meeting its end.

Is fornication therefore an exercise of dismissiveness. Is it a means to an end?

The hyperreal circumstance suggests the other body, the self as spirit, constant, consistent. If love is felt, entertained in the imaginative, there is potential regularity with which one could exist in the fantasy of love. If and when the body becomes enraptured in continuous circumstance of the erotic, the supposed person can, would and does circumvent what we know as love.

He or she falls in love, makes love much as all is valued in breath.