Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Interview with Phoebe Legere published by Whitehot Magazine

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Title: Call for Submissions to Cyber Society Series by Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney

(Text: Kofi Fosu Forson)

Statement concerning JPEG for Cyber Society Series: Love is chemical and it manifests through the symptoms surrounding fear and desire. This element cannot be actualized within the human experience alone. Although the sex act becomes the pivotal cause and effect for diverging the focus of love into a strain for anger, mistrust, hatred and circumstance. Furthermore given the examples of sex acts such as BDSM, fecal exchange and other body fluids, sexuality remains solely as the avenue where humans are free to experiment on the subjectivity of love and desire. Cyber societies allow for the placement and identifying of ones sexual preferences and in doing so it recognizes a newfound origin to what was simply sacred.

Cyber Culture is definitive by space here insofar. But within that realm is a form of subterfuge made necessary as an existence. Led throughout this managed livability is the conscience. It pinpoints ones maneuverability, spread out this very notion of virtual reality.

Human in its physical form is a machine, well-oiled dispirited machine. Modern society favors a repressed, suppressed human form inundated with information too full to digest. These are made ready to a culture that serves under a marionette principle, only the fullness of this is realized in a non-progressive stature where to advance is a call for vices either indicative of stagnancy or the libido, gambling and pornography among them.

It can then be realized that the body is constantly in transition. The relevance to which one finds themselves in a virtual state is that of continuance. The human cycle benefits no one, thusly in a virtual state much of this is transformed into a nothingness which as a result is everything. Nothing is everything as philosophy is the ingratiating of the unknown to benefit ones soul.

The human body is a ball of energy. This coincides with the waves of energy attacking the body. This merges as spirit, karma and psyche. The walk of life guarantees no protection from such warfare. It manifests daily through operations but made cancelable in personal relations, as in family, friends and lovers. The masking of these forces can be found in the aura of a person. With this one encapsulates all that they are with a single look in the eye, touch or smile.

The body however is celebrated as bone and flesh. Decisive by biology, it manages in all its levels of physiology and psychology. The sex act alone is the division which embraces the body as central to erogenous zones; simply put the one true actual source of pleasure. For this reason man and woman beget the triumph and faculties of genderisation.

Man seldom lifts the pillar nor does the woman embrace only good fortune. The circumstances defining gender structure in the modern age what at once was silly is now a demand. There are no stereotypes of the male and female, at least not enough to complete the definition.

Love on line is driven by the urge. There’s a strain which has to do with little association with archetypes from the media and pop culture. It is built on insecurities and immediacy which is ultimately satisfied by the push of a button.

Love in reality relies on consumption, lust, deceit or human function. As humans we conform to an idea. We don’t settle for less. But none of it is ever guaranteed and so we compromise, the fraction of which serves as the balance of love.

From the boardroom to the bedroom, it is clear as in science who is male and who is female. The upside is that there is a brilliant objectification qualifying the simplicity and necessity of two or more lovers, distinctly grouped as male or female performing on each other acts of love and hunger. Sex is no crown. But the patented charm with which lovers experience sexual heat and increasingly grow conscious to the point of inevitable orgasm is their circumstance.

Much of this newness and knowingness draws people to cyberspace. In this existence there’s a form of discreetness. There are those who foul or indeed commit crimes. It is here where partners can hide and commit to acts in the virtual sense.

The representation of what is virtual is the spiritual and emotional association made to something other than human in the physical form therefore can be rendered as an idea. An idea gives off infinite possibilities which causes the participant to need and form an opinion. This opinion is based on the qualifications of the idea and this grows due to the senses and imagination.

As it stands genderising in the virtual state is a completion of what otherwise are lost emotions, sexual lust, similarities, associations and that constant need to be on the edge of desperation, fear and desire.

Texting definable as text is an immediate way to communicate. Live chatting is of the same vain. Emailing carries with it a waiting period. Cell-phone conversations carry a random and hyper sense of illusion being able to call in ridiculous, pertinent and strange circumstances.

Texting is the most abnormal form of dialogue, either determined by the manic-panic frenzy with which most people text or the lack of secrecy most people experience in texting. It is never truly driven by literary means. Most of it is summed up in catch phrases and meaningfully captures the original thought and not much care is given to how it’s expressed.

Live chatting is an example of immediate messages being transformed from one person to another via a keyboard of a computer. This is essentially driven by intellectual light. Depending on the participants it can make for as true to light investigation on the energies of two humans interacting and almost touching transatlantically or otherwise.

The email is the most valuable because of the concentrated amount of thought. The downside is the waiting period. Relationships can be built via the email. Projects can be assembled. It serves for purposes both professional and personal.

What these forms of modern technology do for the circumstances surrounding male and female relations is that they encourage communication. Profoundly immediacy is given to the real state of mind having undergone a virtual state.

This counteraction benefits the human by all causes refines and replenishes the individual state as it circumvents in matters deemed relevant to the human as both flesh and blood and as a discipline, a conscience, from nothing to infinity.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Title: Male Gender Philanthropy of XY Chromosomes: Call for Sperm Donations by Artist Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney…

(Text: Kofi Fosu Forson)
Statement concerning JPeg for Sperm Donation:
If sperm were the true and essential element which helps form and start a family, women wouldn't need men and men wouldn't be of any reference point if not for their sperm. In the birthing process women need sperm in order to fertilize the egg. What then becomes of the masculine ideal as in providing for or entertainment of... A lesbian couple best exemplifies this as the relationship between the two female partners is exemplary of romantic, emotional and physical love. What neccessitates their future as parents is the penis. Figuratively this is represented in a dildo. It underscores the role of one female as masculine. Somehow it belittles the role of the male in a heterosexual relationship. This also makes way for adoption which overall renders the penis as toy and sperm as delicacy, if not an involvement in the life process.

A mature sperm (spermatozoon) is a complex and highly specialized cell, genetically programmed, and unique in both function and shape. Its production — spermatogenesis — involves cell divisions and reorganization of chromosomal material, which generates genetic diversity. After extensive cell modelling it eventually becomes mobile and capable of penetrating and fertilizing an egg. (

Sperm as a form of ejaculation is certainly pronounceable as delicacy in the modernist example of bodily functions tantamount as secretions made presentable in the abnormality of sex.

The introduction of pornography to a soon to be determined ostracized group was the culmination of what was to be the commercialization of pussy, what was vagina and is therefore to be crucified as cunt. Much has been glorified in this the nature of birth and death. There isn’t however a sense of academic representation heretofore which would have simplified sperm as something substantive recognized as fluid and only fluid responsible for the fertilizing of the female egg.

In between male and female scruples, moments are allocated for sharing in spit, shit and cum. Why would one be rejected to a Victorian courtesy when in this the modern age women drink sperm, paste it onto bread and eat it, receive it with a direction or misdirection to the face as it remains creamy and laughable, juvenile and stupid.

The operative word “fertilize” is made pertinent to sperm normally during intercourse. With the availability of sperm donors, a different norm is made functionable both as scientific and organic. The individual male’s hybridity and genetic structure makes the qualification of the donated sperm similar to an anecdote. It carries with it a history, a summation of an existence, potent in its molecular build up, refined to generate a life, furthering the cycle of he/she, I/Me… You/It!

Sperm or cum as it is known profanely is cancelable within the realms of masturbation and prevention of pregnancy. Condoms are the rage in the very exercising of sexual conscience. Governed by an excruciatingly extreme sex culture, sperm supposes the merit of water.

Thusly, we are defined by gender. The male ejaculates and makes possible the birth of a child. What if the female supposed the power of the penis? In a lesbian household the dominant lover would seemingly warrant such a title. Is the sperm in this a society torn between morality and consciousness, made ready in orgiastic lifestyles, distancing from the nuclear family necessary as an ingredient within the birth quotient?

Certainly two lovers making love for the benefit of procuring a child would accentuate the importance of the male ejaculate. Manipulating the male sex organ or “jacking off” in an otherwise rather crude manner is an acceptable form of deprivation from the intimate contact between two humans.

What this becomes is a continuous acceptance of psycho-sexual anomalies which neutralizes the importance sperm supposes.

Sperm donation is a necessitated venture made affordable by the philanthropic disposition. To give of sperm for scientific purposes merits a classification of the male as “Les Hommes Futur.”

As subcultures go much is anticipated from certain men who make futile matter of such genetic relevance. Releasing the sperm as conclusion drawn from sexual angst may result in pleasure. Absurdly, sperm is conscionably written off as waste.

What if then much of it was contained in an ongoing experiment? What would be the psychology of the donor? Is this a lucrative procedure or the willingness to gain contentment as a contributor to history or maintain a persona as degenerated?

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Urban Conscientia
Socio-Politics & Psycho-Sexual Anomalies

Kofi Fosu Forson

The value of any city isn’t measured by death. It’s the rebirth.

Life in an urban setting when internalized results in a combination of vehemence stemming from a sexual and violent nature. The constant creed is to push and shove. Such is the conduct that breeds city life.

Given abnormal conditions in each individual, one is left to associate or disassociate themselves within the realms of psychiatry, medication, recreational drugs and sex. Every person has their drug of choice from nicotine to chocolate.

A combination of all these circumstances would be the closest attempt at reaching a conscientia, from “fingering the chocolate”---manipulating the clitoris while eating chocolate to snorting cocaine in order to maintain a pivotal erection. They are the vainest understanding of conscientiousness.

What governs the output and understanding of ones awakening? For most it’s achieved with an orgasmic high. Let it be known that the creative process was borne out of sex. Writing a manuscript if carefully guided brings about a certain high similar to falling in love. Much can be said about painting or eating choice cuisine.

Meditation, yoga, prayer or any form of self-awareness warrants a means of concentrating on breath, existence and our purpose in life. These are present forms which pertain to conscientiousness found in most urban settings. However the body in physical motion as in the pragmatic sense of living or physical training are the closest most people come to achieving centeredness.

Socio-politics within a city borders wealth, class and race. It is sublimated by education, sophistication and physical beauty.

Given the Upper and Lower class, the Middle Class is forced to comprehend what is beauty and financial wealth? A topsy-turvy equation is drawn by those who fathom a life for themselves better than their very own. The Lower Class in terms of acceptance manipulate and redeem themselves within the notion of poverty. The Upper Class seemingly make do in irony and complacency.

The psycho-sexual elevates ones conscience above the parameters of functionability. This takes on the notion of gay men masturbating in public…a heterosexual couple doing the same, a black couple fucking in a housing project…a middle-age white woman being penetrated vaginally and anally by two men.

When the female bends over and spreads open her anus and vagina is this a conspiracy? By what means does she hope to surrender arms with hopes of gaining redemption? Is this a projection of animosity or furor? Am I then as male to consider the task or absolve from conquest?

What definition does a white woman purport in a black man’s ten inch protruding musculature? Does it then become a matter of particulars as in body politics and not the restraint in love, talent and intellect? Is a man who commands all portions then to be considered a perfect man?

Do we know what women want? Do women know what men want? It is understandable that women feel with “pussy” (and not vagina or uterus) they can control a portion of the male ego?

But in manifesting from the notion of fucking (and not sex, making love or coitus) a modern male can uplift whatever notion of the sexual ego is concerned into a conscious space made apparent by the vision of Love having to do with the infinite and eternal.

The equation of love which merits sophistication, contentment and conscientiousness is attainable. But the editing factor of death is the cause for malevolence, sadomasochism, and extreme sex.

Love and sex is driven by a new language most of which belittlingly stems from internet pornography. Understandably it is removed from day to day commonality as it once was but overtly it seeps through every form of arts and entertainment.

The middle ground is attainable. To manifest we need provocative individuals. There are very few. So we continue to spin on the mighty theory of love, light and sound. How do we manage the emotional temperature within sexuality? Is it in fact supposed to border neutrality or perversion?

The greatest works of art are at once caught in turmoil and surrender to a state of bliss. Condemned to a city one must balance its nuances. New York provides the necessitated mood and horror in every breath. As in the fervency of every modern city one must complete each day as if it were a composition.

This is achieved through the mind’s eye. That is to say the greatest joy is more than seen. It is felt. City life is never a cause for numbness. Somehow we’ve fallen for a redundant cycle where there’s no means for what would be deemed an urban conscientia…

Evolution, Baby! Manifest, My Darling…