Sunday, September 16, 2007

Education of a Strange Fruit
Kofi Fosu Forson

Art, dance, bebopaloola
Long, silk, powder, woman
Atlas, shook, carborated, nerves
Thumb, tacking, middle, age, dispiritia
Black, boards, City, University
Cafeteria, cockatoos, counting, sheep
Bell, bop, brown, skin, pixie
Les Russes, assemblage, la fume
Mulatto, toto, cosmopolitan
Genius, age, language, aromatheque
Leaving, Las Vegas, romance, Chivas
Intellectual, goons, class, rooms
Chalk, mark, education, Ritas
Cinema, Cinderellas, playing, muses
Greenwich, boys, day, dreaming
Academia, semiotic, pachanga
Balanchine, musical, chairs, Mississippi

Expressionism, Cuba, Opera, Africana
Silhouette, leaves, Vincent, trees
Campus, culture, bibliotheque
Les livres, philosophie, Americain
Outsider, Euro, femmes, sexuelite
Black, Market, Kokoschka
Italian, nudes, Brooklyn, elegance
L’hombre, connoisseur, Monsieur…Quip
Drawings, Sharon, Hazera---
Sado, masochistic, Cocteau, Baldwin
Literati, East, Village, nouveau
Chinese, cuisine, black, girl, coiffeur
New, Wave, Avant, garde, Chelsea

La morte, sa mere, ma conviccion
Performance, invitation, resignation
Mentor, editor, confidant
Photographs, exotique, l’adultere, rouge
Irish, café, Bettie, Serveert
L’idee, originale, petite, amies, vieux
Joyce, Paris, pre-eminence, depeche, mode
Gift, friendship, misunderstanding
Love, mask, never-ending
Telephone, ma voix, sa ridicule
Je suis, debout, Africain, Americain
Other-worldly, strangely, interesting
Interestingly, strange

1 comment:

Mohammed said...

Great to watch and read your recent dispatches. The questions you raise in your cryptic writings are questions we should stop, look, listen and attempt to answer; the "we" being us the uncategorized AFricans in America, who are slowly but surely becoming a force. Is the new paiting a sign of new direction? Really like it. Keep the music playing. Cheers, Mohammed