Monday, April 28, 2008

Human Factory Boutique de Sexe
Emancipation of Pussitraction

Kofi Fosu Forson

Emancipation of “pussitraction” (Live Skull, an NYC band reference) hadn’t been made official in anyway possible but it can be said rock and roll detonated any notion of the nuclear family and that when Marilyn Monroe in her white chiffon dress stood above the heating vent, feeling the air blow about her dress, doing everything to prevent the world from seeing her underwear or pubic curl, sex was reclassified.

Rock and roll, a Negro pronouncement for a sexual romp, evolved from the libidinal and adrenaline drive meant for occasions when the human condition is overcome by a sensation.

In modern terms this was influenced by liquor, drugs or rabblerousing. Mostly categorized by white men lynching blacks, Negroes at a juke joint…which later was translated into performances by people like Joe Turner, Little Richards and later Bill Haley and Elvis Presley, rock and roll was predominantly identified with masculinity.

Early girl groups provided a reprieve from male dominance in rock and roll. Women like Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner and Janis Joplin exuded the feminine example of rock and roll. A decade later found a new groove in disco music which alerted the public to the idea of free sex and drugs. Meanwhile, women such as Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon and Carol King gave a human alternative to the promiscuity and hedonism.

The corporate world fueled by power and dominance gave way to power and sexuality. In doing so, AIDS brought it all to a crash. And in a sense it was the unofficially last time casual sex was indeed casual. Safer sex resulted in the use of condoms and led to the discussion of condom brands and which one truly gave a sense of pleasure.

Much of this evolution has been chronicled in movies such as Blackboard Jungle, Porkies, The Last American Virgin and American Pie. Music therefore has served as a basis for this tradition and in doing so; rock and roll has undergone derivatives as punk, new wave and electronica.

Madonna set out to change the world and she did. Her brand of sexuality is a form of precociousness. It was never an outright damnation of virtuousness as was made livid by performers like Diamanda Galas and Lydia Lunch.

Gossip has always been in circulation since the beginning of time. It carried over to the lives of those in government and popular culture. In doing so images of illicit behavior, Rob Lowe’s video tape and Bill Clinton’s proclivities were made public. This in a sense was ironically the beginning of the evolution of the modern female.

Britney Spears was the voice of a new generation. There had always been women who were the faces of a movement…Angela Davis, Patti Smith, Siouxsie Sioux, Lita Ford, Erikah Badu… What these women established was a sense of the new. It has carried over into how society views the celebrity.

The management of one’s sexuality has never been purified within four walls. Globally, manifestation and development of one’s sexual ego revolves around politics, pop culture and how the media procures it.

In this day and age virtual reality and life’s circumstance as in survival has inspired another way to interpret the act of coitus. The act itself forever will remain understandable as in that need to rock and roll.

Overtly, women have come from under and all fours to assume an empowered stance which infectiously has permeated their existences like opiate causing them to balance what then was masculine as ultimately fervency. This then refers to a feel for the conscience which can then be exploited in the physical and virtual aspect of sex.

In the modern anointment of sex, art and politics, there is however a new language. It calls for tolerance, inventiveness and maneuverability. Certainly much of this exists existentially. Embracing it as a matter of fact is to realize between both genders women illusively are in search of the tantric orgasm and that men are able and willing to serve.

As in the dwelling of the cave man, the act of sex once again is simply an act. What surrounds it is the fervor of love, money and fame.

think about the love thing
think about the sex thing

-David Bowie-

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