Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Velvet Revolver
Kofi Fosu Forson

Early mornings during rush hour when you sit across from the appropriate person with a sexual default much time is spent wrestling thoughts and images about power and control.

Before him was a Seige-Seige punk femme fetal, red obnoxious hair in a parted ‘fro bound by a white leather trench coat, black and white striped leggings and black boots. Her hands were secured inside the length of pockets with legs crossed. As he made his face familiar she looked sideways, constantly blinking. His glance was immediate and confrontational. Noticing she was uncomfortable he backed off, adjusting himself.

He turned to look at her, imagining her breasts. Somehow he felt they were fully developed with a wide circle of pink flesh surrounding the nipples which protruded as miniature cones. It wasn’t an intentional provocation. His attention was placed around her yet he kept envisioning himself sucking her breast full-mouthed.

She uncrossed her legs. He stared at the passenger sitting next to her and then back at her. She coughed quietly watching reflections in the mirror. He did the same altering his thinking all together.

Scandinavian politics had left him since his betrothal to a local woman. He finds himself in a foreign country needing to escape.

Football by standard was religion. His teammates made the rounds. He always had a girlfriend. Having had to keep his promise he has become neurotic, seeking conversations with young Latin women wanting to buy them off from their parents or seducing the delivery boys into giving him a hand job.

The woman has since taken out her Ipod lost in a wall of sound. He looks at her, sharp and tight, then again inspecting the reflection in the mirror, turning his attention away. The passenger sitting next to her in turn watches him. He once again maintains composure, avoiding eye-contact with the woman.

Several students walk into the subway car chattering. For the moment the woman is obscured. He catches a glimpse every now and then straining his eyes to find her in-between the motioning bodies, people leaving and entering. On his mind are thoughts of making love. He notices her adjusting the Ipod, looking around as if she could actually hear them in his fantasy.

The subway car is crowded at a certain stop. Many force their way in. The man sits in embarrassment, desperate and helpless. He imagines himself and the woman trapped in a suicide bar where people come to drink themselves to death.

Pointing a gun he forces her into a corner making her expose breasts warm and soft. The gun in hand, pointed, he fondles her breasts with the other hand. She inches lower to perform on him, lips locked, welcoming the strength of cock in her mouth.

Refraining from the fantasy, he turns his attention on the woman. When their two eyes meet, she immediately hurries out the train onto the platform. He sits in a daze, mouth open, turning to look at the woman through the window.

Moments pass. He resumes the fantasy in which he dominates the woman on the bar, making love to her at will, removing his cock from about the pussy, spreading it open in admiration to begin again, entering and exiting to finally out of stress and strain cum on her face.

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