Monday, December 15, 2008

Fear and Love
Inside The Black Cloak:
Hidden Measures of Default/
Encumbering Beauty

Kofi Fosu Forson

Dark desire isn’t incumbent upon the mind’s hysteria made probable in day to day vice. Commerciality as an example marketed is a resistance to what we experience as fear and love. Subscribing to elements within the picture show, romance novels and celebrity status allow our imagination as lovers broken by desire and encumbering beauty.

The blinding cage or preferable as the black cloak is a metaphor, designable, much the disguise in every behavior. There are assumptions led to think we encourage a darker side. None of this carries weight in what would seem a life of entrepreneurial philanthropy supposing a condition of love in the manifest, not exterior posturing.

Hidden measures of default are circumstances surrounding our inability to persist a higher understanding. The half lives we permit allow for a guarding and preventing from intrusion divisible within the life model. What we post based on reality isn’t confined to humanistic disposition.

Certainly each quotient representing that proverbial animal inside the mind, programmable through moral code, dramatically reveals a persona separate from the original content found in sexual desire, nocturnal dreams, virtual reels and spontaneous behavior as a cause for reaction.

Act of violence and sexual misconduct are narratives which play themselves out, translatable in the primordial psyche. Dominance with no room to ingratiate, two psychological realms dictate power and aggression, determined by transferring of negativity, leaving the human body susceptible.

Desperation isolated brings about love and death. Consequences resulting are neurotic behavior fueled by psychosis and libido. Rape or murder if actualized certifies the damage within the turbulent mind.

Thus then is the difference between the darker spirit and what otherwise becomes glamorized. Human self however stigmatized is capable of one true ideal, dialogue and conference. In doing so, we manage discourse merging beauty and prescience.

Intelligence and foresight therefore encourages each individual to reveal their preeminent self. To then hide, revealing a false self, negotiable as imperfection is a defeatist prospect.

The human animal from birth to death is at a quest for completion and understanding. None of this ever meets the demand in a lifetime.

A biographer would have written the book. A cinematographer told the story.

We would have emerged from the dark into light.

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