Monday, March 30, 2009

White Beauty/ Love and Death

Kofi Fosu Forson

White female, product of unconquerable ego manifest in politicizing of beauty and self-worth, has for lifetimes now permeated the conscience to finally reach a melting point where love and sex offered as torment both intellectually and physically comprises of our existences void human proportions, that is nature and ability to survive love and death, translatable in fornicating, while car, home and companion would suggest normality, leaving potentially others removed from its cycle to fend for themselves in a world where white female continues to serve as sign of heroism, eternity, power, libido…

“Pussy” profanely used to describe the coital flower of the female in most terms would have digressed conditionally into the Kathy Acker chosen word of “cunt.” To have approached the world puritanically we may have kept to the word “vagina”. Much of this disdain made relative to the female would have stemmed from a Hemsleyian, Thatcheresque or Clintonian appeal.

Women are and will always be appreciated for their sense of nurturing, comforting the beast that is man, woman and child.

The white female would then have supposed a conditioning of inhabitants of the world centuries before and hereafter to impressionably exist under the acceptance of white beauty as the governing principle from which beauty starts and ends.

How does this affect multi-culturalism or is this notion now dead preparing room for a whole new generation on matters gender, sex and race. Marketing of this stems from disturbing trends to preserve youth as in hair implants, plastic surgery and the tendency to disrupt natural progression of living.

The world is viewed in matters black and white as in race and politics. Excruciatingly so we are lead to think racial matters have never been better than now with the election of President Obama.

The true sense of racism is an intellectual one which was determinably made official by aspects of colonialism and slave ownership. Blacks are made to think they can’t reach intellectual partnership with whites. When they do in their own right, other blacks deem them as white. Certainly there’s no rationale. One is forced to operate under their own terms whether it’s black women getting weaves or black men pursuing white women.

White female in history when in companionship with black male has stemmed from empathy and sympathy within the constraints of socio-politics, political movements, music and art as well as the genuine appreciation for another with respects to love.

Indiscretionably the female within modern gender politics views the male for his disposability. This can be found within the ramifications of psychology in how women choose their partners whether for sex, money or their availability.

Thinning of intellect and sex is obvious as it has made the transference from everyday real to virtual.

Love in turn lacks romance whereby everything and anything is programmed to fornicate leaving us as a society labored in love with nothing original to say amongst each other in fear for our lives stranded within a conclusion of love and death.

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