Sunday, May 03, 2009

Half-lives of Fractured Selves
(The Body Kingdom)

Kofi Fosu Forson

The most beautiful person is fractured if not by ego then in proportion with the physical self and how he or she balances the body kingdom. This is made do by the mirroring of the self. None of which is ever compromised only subjectively achieved within the eyes of a lover, an unofficial biographer or through the favor of a conditioned poet who is compelled to honor as if brainwashed.

There is no self-model. We exist within a series of half-lives. To some this is a celebration of the self or a conquest bringing to fore a pronounceable ego which in itself is the self-mirror.

Ego as foundation is a construct allowing the self to command and achieve persona. That sense of character builds to a crescendo where the individual is aware of self in guarding against defeat and maintaining a high esteem.

An implosion occurs when physical beauty isn’t enough. The very physical self brought about by narcissism breaks down. Once again conclusively the mirroring factor warrants a need to uphold what is the body kingdom.

Centrally we are kept within an enclosure of doubt and uncertainty. Beauty at best is sold commercially allowing for moments pleasure if contentment. Most would agree that we have failed. None of this is a calculation based on political, socio-political or an independent divide. Evolution by discipline nurtures our advancement into the future. Pushing against this natural rhythm is what makes a society conscious and yet self-deceiving.

Conclusively living within the parallels of consumerism to be free of influence takes a hardened original model. Given the comfort zone within societies very few are willing to shift from their personal understanding of normalcy. If at best we were to follow the ideology or philosophy based on a human level we would all communicate with no disregard.

To be from Brooklyn is different from Istanbul. Knowingly ideas relative to one’s conditioning allow for a common sense in language and semiotics. Somehow the examples of race, class and gender remain constant in separating who we are and what we are becoming.

Government and religion are among many dividing factors but the constant is that of an individual with an ego and persona. How far must one go physically or virtually to establish oneself as derivative of an original model? Communities in film and fashion are examples where the ego is central to status and a greater cause. True to form most would murder for talent but have no understanding of brilliance.

Individual spectrums have allowed for communities in the world wide internet. Whereas September 11 was categorized as the invasion of normalcy the world as a whole has undergone a change albeit climatic, economic and psycho-sexual.

It has allowed for certain behavior whereby people interact within privacy meaning the physical body is indifferent to emotions and sensations. We therefore become a community of spasticity, spirituality perhaps intellectuality.

What is virtual then has very little relevance to the all too real. Can there be a separation or does virtual reality suppose a sub-element within the manifestations of what occurs in society relative to the physical experience?

Facebook, Myspace and other websites that allow for instant messaging encourage immediate forms of communication which separate physical contact between two or more entities resulting in self-gratification (cyber sex) or a heightened sensation due to an intense accumulation of intellect and sexual depravity.

The behavior found in the virtual, meaning the thinning prospectus which rejects human contact has led to a disturbing trend among societies where love has taken on different definitions and that what is natural love has been intermingled with intellect, sexuality and politics.

Perhaps this is evolution… A damning supposition that saw sex grapple with intellect, love at first natural took on the proportions of Tantra…more or less a perversion given the topics of generations and gender.

Ego and beauty within this supposition thrives matched by love and intellect.

What sex is has no relevance. It’s absolute.

Photo credit: Fabienne Anne Perrier

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