Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sexual Picasso
Power of Sexual Conscience

Kofi Fosu Forson

Sexual conscience is one reason why Picasso was Picasso.

Conscience normally merges two distinct intellectual points.

Modern technology has allowed for activities present in social networks. But surreptitiously far removed from daily blogging and status updates is a notion of telepathy and psycho-sexuality which impacts the sexual-conscience.

Within that vacuous space found in the world wide internet once two points take on the notion of intellect and sex, forms of energy are transported from one point to the next. These are shaped as phantasms which manifest intellectually or sexually.

Without the notion of these energy sources made probable as human, given a profile or photograph, communication renders itself in fantasies if not e-mailing, exchange of texts and what one would assume to be the closest to normalcy in a phone call.

When communication becomes nothing more than signifiers as in a social network not much is left for articulating emotions and profound discussions. Much of this becomes brief interactions expressed through adoration where one responds positively to a posting. Intellectually nothing is ever gained just a want and need to be accepted and acknowledged as safe.

Somehow within the realm of accepted behavior there are those who live off these profile pictures as fantasy. Orgiastic exchange of words, thought and photographs result in an emotional and intellectual escape. How they manifest is probably likened to a dreamscape.

However in a semiotic understanding what shapes thought is not the physical word not if abused in totality. The case for chatter as abuse is obvious. Taken as an example of intimacy one responds to another in a natural and intellectual sense.

What is attractive is the idea of thought and resonance, honesty and brilliance.

It prepares for enlightenment throughout the emotional and intellectual physical and virtual space. Much of this surrender awakens the sexual conscience.

Language is then transmitted between both virtual sources. This seemingly is recognized not so much as relationship but events occurring moments at a time through telepathy and the psycho-sexual.

The sexual conscience therefore can and does redeem the individual from normalcy, the idea of copulation versus livelihood. In essence copulation is livelihood, philosophically or Freudian.

Once the physical copious act balances philosophy with psychology, the gratuitous need to copulate isn’t recognized commercially. It’s rendered in a circular and cyclical form balancing the creative, psychological and sexual foundations found in each human.

That sexual conscience is one reason why Picasso was Picasso explains how if one balances dimension of sexuality ingrained in our conscience into a perfect circle a lot emanates from this vacuous and virtual space.

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