Friday, November 13, 2009

Thick as the fog in June

Kofi Fosu Forson

Two Brooklyn dykes and I waited to cross the street. Short-haired tease in a white tee-shirt wondered if I had a late night. Long-haired, olive-skinned girl tossed her head around fucking with her dark hair.

It always occurred to me that I looked hot when standing, slightly bent, strecthing my arms forward, if not to catch my breath from walking at least a polite gesture from two lesbians on a hunting spree.

I told them all was good the night before but I didn't do shit. Indeed I'd been walking all day. I was tired. She had a thing about her knee, played tennis in college. Not too long before I brought up my days as a soccer star in high-school.

Dykes were all right with me. I'd known some, even got off on a couple of bases with one. Sucking tits on a girl you know is into girls is more like an offer, a favour, a one off.

Somehow they found me attractive. It wasn't clear what they wanted to do but they thought it nice to come along.

We ended up at a bar on the L.E.S. I loved their body language. Short-haired girl offered her body open-faced. The other stood in a slant, observing, not saying much. Her mug of beer rested on the bar. Not like her partner who stood facing me, sip after sip, taking me in.

I knew then what they wanted to do. We found a cheap hotel, walked up and into a room. I posed at one end with the bed seperating us. They remained next to each other not talking. One girl smiling at me, the other looking away...

Short-haired girl was first to grope me, rubbing over my crotch. She wouldn't let me kiss her on the mouth. We did however embrace, massaging my lips over the whitest of skin on the neck and face, softly as she gently resisted. Not wanting to stop, I grabbed her in my palms, meeting open-mouth to mouth but not touching.

Other girl came over undid her partner's bra. With tongue sliding across the back, she wrapped her arms around to squeeze the breasts that formed full-figured, cupping them, pressing them against the chest, turning her around to suck them. I couldn't see but heard the slipperiness of moisture as she sucked and released the breasts from her mouth.

The two women made out, hugging and grabbing each other, deep-tongue, rushing their fingers within each other's hair. They kept eye-contact stopping to rest their lips on each other, half-circle to half circle, resuming their kiss, passionately with intensity. It was aggressive yet romantic as if they were in love.

I exposed my dick, rotating my fingers up and down. It felt hard, stiff and ready for a fuck.

Undressing and falling on the bed, long-haired girl proceeded to tongue her partner's pussy, licking, motion after motion. Soon thereafter, short-haired girl began to moan. Stuck in this position, the moaning and gyrating increased.

I crept up to the bed, stuck my dick out at short-haired girl. She jerked it back and forth, cradling my balls. The closer I got to her mouth she turned her head the other way, lifting herself onto her knees. Long-haired girl got on all fours, hurting as her partner banged from behind with curls of hair on the pussy, slapping her ass, grabbing onto hips, banging.

On the edge of the bed I did everything to maintain my hard-on watching as the short-haired girl held her partner by the shoulders and banged away, slapping her ass as she did.

I walked out of the room, up and down the hall, kicking at myself. I could hear them huffing. Angled against the door, the noise settled, not knowing whether to walk away or ask for explanation.

I barged into the room. The two women were dressed. Short-haired girl brushed by me, exiting the room, closing the door behind.

For the first time long-haired girl looked at me and smiled.

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