Thursday, February 11, 2010

always wondered why writers and painters weren't badmuthafookas:

Kofi Fosu Forson

Pablo Picasso was much known for his machismo as for his role in Cubism.

What becomes a badmotherfucker most? And why do artists orientate around this disciplined notion of homosexuality if not a quiet sensitivity. All through history artists of varying forms from poets to dancers to film directors have all showcased this mild gentlemanly disposition which would refrain them from a brawl of any kind.

The Charles Bukowski factor is clear. As one would surmise in the Marquis de Sade. Circumstances surrounding Hemingway would be based on masculinity. Whereas Bukowski was sensitive in his nature it was the syndrome concerning his refusal to subject himself to continuous abuse that led to his physical prowess and henceforth this vice of women, gambling and alcohol.

Arguably the writer/ artist is prone to vice of a certain kind. If drinking was Bukowski's handicap, Picasso was known for his taste in women. Then again what defined him was not an ability to engage in a physical fight but just as well as a Spanish male he would be supposedly able to defend himself. His combination of excellence and presence made him a dominant figure. And as one of the more established artists in history, people feared him. It can then be said the ego commands a certain respect if and only if it is not a cause for vanity but the will to use it as decoration to uphold one's character and success.

The nature of a painter is sensitivity to colors. His senses are rather pure. The ability to test the medium of paint gives him a natural sense of imagination. This awareness is made due by hybridity as painters and poets are known for the peculiarity of childhood. A reference can therefore be made to Alice Miller's Drama of the Gifted Child where she goes in depth into the upbringing of an artist.

Writer's on the other hand deal with ideas that are constructed from words. Semiotically a single word may have multiple definitions whereas paint need be mixed or manipulated on the surface with brushstrokes. Perhaps great writers are historically of the mind while great painters are more sensitive to the world around them. Artists are genuinely known for the city they inhabit. This can be cause for the disposition of the artist.

The reference to the sensitive or suggestively homosexual nature of artists can be found in William Burroughs, James Baldwin and Salvador Dali. These were beautiful men. Given the poetic nature of Baldwin, Burroughs and Dali were cultural threats. Burroughs for his novel Naked Lunch and Dali for his subject matter. They were very complex men. And indeed they were men. The beauty of Burroughs and Dali if applicable in this sense was more surrounding the polite madness found in their nature. That they were able to exhibit this madness outright made them special, unique and therefore beautiful.

Somehow the handling of the subject matter of sex would make an artist controversial and be viewed as a "bad boy". Writers and artists like Henry Miller, Robert Mapplethorpe and the aforementioned Charles Bukowski took pride in their handling of sexual themes. Even the writer, female, Kathy Acker, made a continuous use of sexual references in her work.

The so-called "badmotherfucker" in art would be someone who breaks ground as John Lucas, Martin Scorcese and Steven Spielberg did in the 1970's or Jay McIlnerny and Bret Easton Ellis did in the 80's.

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