Monday, May 17, 2010

FACEBOOK Conversation (thread) between Kofi Fosu Forson and Renata Onisko:

Kofi Fosu Forson I am an entertainer. I set up theatrical games for myself full of dialogue and characters. I sing a lot as well.

Renata Onisko so what are you saying? is this also a kind of vaudeville for you?:}

Kofi Fosu Forson more or less a conversation with a friend

Renata Onisko well, next time I will try harder:} to create more resemblance of a friend

Kofi Fosu Forson I still have yet to formulate a vision of you. It bothers me...

Kofi Fosu Forson I see the history of a very beautiful woman but where is she now in life...

Renata Onisko what do you think?

Kofi Fosu Forson all of us trapped within ourselves fighting to get out.

Renata Oniskothat is pretty much the case...

Kofi Fosu Forson so in that case... Hello how are you doing?

Renata Onisko Hello how are you doing?:}

Kofi Fosu Forson I want to touch you but I can't.

Renata Onisko you got me in tears...

Kofi Fosu Forson it's painful. we are two bodies with real emotions. somehow we can't get beyond words on a screen.

Renata Onisko no, we can't...

Kofi Fosu Forson what I like about you is you remind me of real women like a young Liv Ulman...she is woman to me. As beautiful as you are I don't see you. somehow I don't. your photographs don't apply at all. I feel a resonance of body and light. Is this it??? Is this the future...!

Kofi Fosu Forson beauty is prescience...some women have power because of their beauty. What is your power...

Renata Onisko You must know by now...

Kofi Fosu Forson I feel a strong urge to have a baby with you...!

Renata Onisko hahaha! you're funny, I love that!

Renata Onisko definitely maybe...

Kofi Fosu Forson in a fantasy world you and I are great lovers.

Renata Onisko then I am going to settle down in a fantasy world:}

Kofi Fosu Forson we make human love we make great love we make musical love.

Renata Onisko don't forget dancing in the moonlight by the sea, with the old good tumblerfuls of champagne is our hands:}

Kofi Fosu Forson you are really hot did you know that. I read your emails and I'm turned on. Kinda like I'm probing towards the screen hoping to find you ready and willing. Do you have memories as a girl learning about men, making love and feeling excited or confused. How were you as a girl.

Renata Onisko Are you sure you want me to go there? Lol. I've evolved quite a lot since... Anyway, it was rather boring, no trauma (none I am aware of). I was very naive, immersed in my world of poetry and art, a bit like Julianne Moore's character from "Far from heaven":} Boys treated me like some heavenly creature, mainly followed me in awe. My body developed ... quite early, I was ashamed of my big breasts and had no clue about those "dirty" glances some of them would give me:} My girlfriends teased me for being the last virgin in the class...

I've lost my virginity with the boy I've been seeing for a year (utterly because of curiosity), and lost my interest to the boy immediately...It was quite a dramatic relationship though, a bit like Romeo and Julia (he was Armenian and his parents wouldn't let him marry anyone outside of their community), they separated us (moved to another city). He was 17 and I was 18. A year later he came, we went to travel and I understood I didn't love him anymore. He kept calling me, soon after I've met someone else... I've never had "affairs", only relationships.

Kofi Fosu Forson What film director would be best to direct a film of your life. I think Wim Wenders would understand my life the combination of the dramatic, theater, philosophy, music, love, sex and death. I hate to say a female director would suit you but then again...what do you think. Who would direct your life story.

Renata Onisko Hmmm.., gotta think about that one, I guess I would come up with a bunch of names, different for each "period":}

Renata Onisko Sophia Coppola would be one of them...

Kofi Fosu Forson Do you hunger for men...totally different direction sorry ha! Do you feel a need for men or a man in your life at the moment. Does our dialogue yours and mine...this dialogue fulfill a need in your life. Or at this point and time do you digress from the male element in your life...the need for penis the need for male embrace the need for a man's ... See Moretouch.

I think with me it's either with or without. Life seems more important right now. I don't hunger for the female pubis, breast or what ever although I lust in virtual fantasy and approach women in public. It's all enlightenment I think not the typical sex life.

Renata Onisko Damn, Kofi, you don't make it easy, huh?:} Am I interviewed now? Lift a lid of your life story a bit as well? O.k., the movie. I think it would be collaboration, directed by Andrey Tarkovsky and David Lynch, script by Claude Chabrol and Louis Bunuel. Tinto Brass and Woody Allen on editing:}

Renata Onisko I do feel a need for a man, yes, the touch and embrace, and connection. This dialogue fulfills it partly, I think, you open me up, and enable my internal dialogue. This is pretty vague yet, I am not too sure what do I want exactly, I embrace male sexuality as part of this with pleasure, but I don't depend on it. This is not the typical sex life for sure:)))

Kofi Fosu Forson not an interview sorry otherwise I would make you very uncomfortable worse yet I would be your psychoanalyst haha!

A movie about me would be made by Alan Rudolph American director romantic, dramatic and witty. I love European directors like Eric Rhoemer (sp) Kofi scene through the eyes of a German director definitely Fassbinder Fassbinder Fassbinder he was great. Guys like Lynch and Jarmusch are too tricky! I don't like the surreal of Bunuel but I would have loved to have been in a Cassavetes film. I would have been perfect especially the film Shadows.

I had a strange theatrical affair with an actress I tried to get her to curb her sexuality. It was a typical sexual affair graphic intense conflicting but towards the end I would let her sit naked and I would watch her lust after her but resist.

Do I turn you on in any way Renata?

Renata Onisko That I could tell you if I looked in your eyes:} Obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be still talking to you...Yes, Cassavetes, sometimes Francois Ozon, Godard, its hard to tell:}

Kofi Fosu Forson Let's talk kissing... two of my most memorable kisses one was the first time I kissed my German lover she was older and was married hadn't slept with her husband for years and she herself hadn't made love for years on our first date I took her to rock show and by the bar drinking vodka cranberry and talking I grabbed her and kissed her. I felt her body as one block of tired muscle hugging me grabbing me I sucked her tongue in and out of my mouth I swear I saw fireworks.

my theatrical exercises with my actress was great. we had incredibly HOT moments but when we stood and hugged and kissed with our mouths closed pressing against each other it was very innocent and warm.

Have your lovers been good kissers ;)

Renata Onisko I've had some lousy ones and some good ones, but it was never as you've just described from the first time. When its good, my body responds by the feeling of blood rushing down my stomach... Actually, touch is more important for me, if I can feel person's touch from the beginning, his hands are good, then I know all the rest is going to be great. I've been told that I have magic hands myself:}

Actually, until I've met my last man, I realized that I've never had a great lover, who would please me, instead of me pleasing him, they could only take, no substitution, selfish lovers. I think it goes for many couples. But we've adapted to each other gradually, so that sometimes I would literally "lose" my body in his...I think it is very important to be perceptive to the partner, feel each other instinctively, which could only develop with time. There is possible immediate spark of passion, but it normally wouldn't last...

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