Sunday, December 04, 2011

art imitating life was always faux. life is art. art is a manifestation from life. the last of which we have seen are the post feminists post modern intellectuals post modern fashionistas post modern rock and roll geniuses to them life was art now we make art fail to manifest what has to be understood is potential not to under sell potential the potential to be be become we mold we sculpt we articulate from life that life is art is the manifesto not the art itself that we make

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belmondo said...

Art is obsolete. It is impossible for one to talk about art in our era of reading and writing and image-making since the craft is for everything to everyone. Art is an abstraction of art, from the reality that existence privileges each being in the course of delusion. One cannot simply say such things, one must be significant, historical, political, idiotic. When was the last time someone filmed an actual thought? Tarkovsky gave it a shot, but we should be able to do better. Jerry Lewis and Godard proclaimed correctly when they announced that everything is hardly working. Painters rule the mind. To paint is to serve God's will and to satisfy and save God's people in any such form. To paint the evening, even when in a bright room or the afternoon, is to paint the real. To paint the facade, the ego-id-persona-rat-man. This is your life. This is your message, your transcendence, your silence, your pain, your terror, your horror. Your life as you will only know it. Terror.