Monday, May 07, 2012

Language is a Blow Up Doll
How Humor has Replaced Hot Hot Heat.

Kofi Fosu Forson

Eros in Antiquity was a book that chronicled drawings about sex from the age of antiquity. As much as these drawings didn't turn me on it peeked my curiosity to see sexual acts between couples or groups of people depicted in such a raw style.

Interestingly and personally it provided for me how people viewed the sex act void of any true emotion. This was expressed in the exposed erect penis entering the female vagina. Idea of erect penis was constant as it exaggerated role of male as ravishing female.

Playboy magazine paved the way for the more gratuitous magazines like Hustler. In Playboy I saw layouts of fantasy sequences. In retrospect I recognize these scenes as fantasies of my own in the present time but back then I didn't understand the relevance of its adult situation in terms of what to do given the scenario with a woman.

The playmates were not so much fantasy girls as it was important to see them naked with their legs parted. Hustler magazine drew me in with its concentration on the exposed labia. Penthouse magazine created allure of playmates being actual girlfriends especially with its publication of letters from the general public.

Adult film actresses in this era pushed the power of feminism. They possessed self authority and not committed to sex acts as today's fuck film stars.

Hyapathia Lee and Vanessa del Rio to name two channeled their sexuality as women of cathartic sexual prowess. They were women not dolls.

What I found interesting about the post A.I.D.S. sexual world was the combination of literature fashion and sex. Kathy Acker as early as the 1980's paved the way for punk literature which depicted an apocalyptic world using strong sexual language. Nan Goldin and Cindy Sherman did the same for me.
In fashion we had Design Porn which include facets of The Barely Legal and BDSM.

It was at this time I became aware of Helmut Newton, Man Ray's fashion photography and fetish photography featuring names like Dave Naz, Steve Godde and Richard Kern.

Fetish photography I found particularly hot. I suppose it was combination of allure tragic beauty at times innocence and more often than not suggestive sexual heat. Fetish photography is not vulgar but stylish and feeds on a particular focus of desire, underwear, rubber, boots. Richard Kern's photography stemming from his legendary New York Girl's book now photographs young women. A master of this is Terry Richardson.

Internet Porn made porno more accessible. After writing about gender and sexual politics I decided against internet porn. Somehow a lot of people in society are attracted to internet porn. Polls reflect this. I find that a new generation of middle Americans are expressing themselves sexually and otherwise based on what they see online and translate whether into their lives or creative lives. Not sure how it's marketed in art but sexuality and how it's interpreted in New York's Williamsburg and Bushwick is hinted not exalted. Whereas in Manhattan it's cutthroat.

Still not certain if art and sexuality reflects the hot hot heat of Newton and Man Ray. Terry Richardson despite being governed by sleaze is amazing. Richard Kern's semi pseudo barely legal photography is controversial. No matter what you think Kern is a great American artist.

Otherwise outside of photography in art and fashion, not sure how language has been preserved as far as sex and art in BDSM, design porn and literature.

I see that perversion, humor and sarcasm are prevalent in art and sex these days.

What is language today I don't know.

What is hot I don't know.

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