Monday, December 17, 2012

Therefore We are Shit

Kofi Fosu Forson

Life makes sense. It does.

Given trends more so focused on culture and politics we are able to access who we are where we come from and where we are going.

I am not one for world politics be it division of Republicans and Democrats in the United States, Congress, Senators or practice of law and government.

Growing up in New York I was aware of both mayor and governor and went as far as to follow local politics. The charisma of Mayor Edward Koch and the importance of Mayor Dinkins as the first black Mayor made New York an important place to be. Mayor Guliani's police state nulled and voided what was a free form celebratory environment. Gentrification has now cleared the city of what was art replaced by technology and money.

Matters involving sex and violence were highly politicized in art during the late 80's to 90's. Early smut pornographers like Ugly George, Al Goldstein, works by Robert Mapplethorpe, David Wojanoricz, Chris Ofili and Renee Cox were criticized for their subject matter.

Formally Nick Zedd is legend in his incorporation of orgiastically sexual and violent trends in video art. Not much credit will be warranted in Mr Zedd paving the way for what is now internet pornography. His was art official in its sense which promoted themes of politics, government, sex and gender. But there was a sense of poetry in the sexual and violent subject matter.

Much as we evolved to the point of gender division in a post post feminist society, the emotional crash depicted in Zedd's videos became implemented in society as women and men fought to accentuate their power and principles.

In Nick Zedd's videos these matters of angst were played out in violent game play sadomasochistic with irony. These elements were matters of push and shove cradling the beast of love and death.

Where we are now is a world where men lack conviction much as women lack aura. The word on the street is that the male acquires role of "meat head" tough talking arrogant emotionally violent thug who accompanies "slut" woman with little self respect leads with her pubis as weapon willing to "sell her ass" not for sex but thrills.

In contrast  there are those who are causian male of money and some education who promote charm and wealth. To them they walk the line of class and smut. These are levels of men who walk the streets now, white male arrogant and entitled disrespectful without concern.

Young women roam the streets having replaced roles traditionally played by women. On a giving Saturday night groups of these woman walk the streets. One is lead to think they are legal drink and engage in sexual activities but it isn't clear.

These groups of people are the ones affected by technology and social media. We are now at an age where the internet is no longer a new thing. A person either uses it to their advantage or seperates it from their day to day lives.

Sex on the internet has brought about a sense of delusion and dillusionment.

The virtual world is a space a lot of ideas travel through. They are based on the psyche, fears, sexual desires and hate manifested through a will, means of haunting or harboring on a person's weakness.

These behaviors such as willing defecation on a person or urination are circumstances driven from a self hate and anger.

We will shit. Therefore we are shit.

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