Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Genius is Making Art of Murder without a Trace of Blood

Genius is making Art of Murder without a Trace of Blood

Kofi Fosu Forson

Black rat in a cage black rat in a cage white punk found black rat in a cage

Jean Michele from hell Jean Michele from hell was put under white hot spell

Put under white hot spell walking Warhol across from 9th and Tompkinville

Tompkinville to Yaffa Tompkinville to Yaffa where girls with boys got guns

Girls with boys got guns New York University trust fund kids primadonnas

Primadonna kids shit on concrete fuck you impersonating Satan in hood

Satan in hood artists pretend Thursdays in Chelsea devil in a blue dress

Devil in a blue dress red wine or white picking up on a fuck for the night

Fuck for the night two men on girl threesomes artourages wandering Soho

Artourages wandering Soho Spencer Tunick sighting Anthony Haden Guest

Anthony Haden Guest sitting in restaurant whispering words from a poem

Words from a poem socialites gallery gurus gather painting by Caravaggio

Painting by Caravaggio in the dark yellowish orange our faces made history

Our faces made history secret history of contemporary art New York now

Digital cameras killed the 35 millimeter PC’s put to death the film camera

“Where did the young gonzos go?” “Where did the young gonzos go?”

Flocking to Washington Square video cameras in hand thinking Tarantino

Thinking Tarantino genius is making art of murder without a trace of blood

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