Monday, May 20, 2013

Self Possessed Man at Suicide Bar

Self possessed man trying to find meaning walking edges of world

Digital camera by his side ventures out at night taking self portraits

self timed camera on ledge posing cigarette at lip fists clenched

camera flashes he deletes images makes final edit uploads them

on Facebook for moment forgets what it’s like to be human jacks

off after making eye contact mind fucks men outside reality’s

perception strangers on street sidewalks public transportation

pulls no punches arrives from sea on fire his mind is the L stop

during rush hour Mondo New Yorkers come after him thinking

he was David Johansen he’ll serenade you ask Sarah the waitress

at Parkside Lounge that Sunday when Jane Ormerod honored

Brant Lyon all the poets fell apart in drunken splendor he grabbed

microphone began singing song he didn’t know song he opened

his mouth hoped it would sing itself but there was Sarah standing

joy of a girl words parted his lips with melody others fell flat in

imperfection but wow whirlwind of song he walked a line ended

with name Sarah suicide bars where people go to drink themselves

dead started with water then built into abominable combinations

slouched in arms of Lucy dancing slowly something Irish on jukebox

sounded Irish but another bad imitation of The Pogues he danced until

he fell apart girl spat at him poured liquor over his body put his arm over

her shoulder they disappeared music played Johnny Cash White Stripes

women sat in corners bellies fat from drinking dollar drafts Mona Lisas

wronged by men who took them through Guernica they wanted to be

Frida Kahlo tame the bull that was Diego Riviera

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