Friday, September 06, 2013

Kofi Fosu Forson's 10 Rules of Writing

1. I met T. C. Boyle at B&N and asked him for advise as a creative writer he said "Read, always read..." As a child invest in reading books other than those meant for children.

2. Before developing a writing talent take interest in the other arts, music, dance or the fine arts.

3. Dont invest time in How To Writing Books. Find an author you like the most a...nd read him or her extensively.

4. Always know what type of writer you are. After further investigating know whether you are either a novelist, short story writer or poet.

5. Treat language as a lover. Make love to your words.

6. Writing groups are fine but avoid writing retreats.

7. Write for yourself but edit with the conscience of a surgeon.

8. Vices are never important onto themselves but be aware of them and never romanticize them.

9. Know the difference between writing and performing. Know the difference between your desk and the stage.

10. There are three voices to every writer, the literary voice, your speaking voice and your reading voice.

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