Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Electric Pig Circus
Come algebra, all you mathematicians, all you geniuses who call yourself Beethoven
Evan Dando walked around with a guitar case, you pull your cello through subway cars
Who do you love, the Madonna of classical music, original cellist for Kronos Quartet
Where do the Dita Von Teeses go, where do they go to find their Mister Amore Amore
Coquettes in dressing rooms playing cowboys and cowgirls, pet tooth hang from necks
Bronx diva, her speaking voice like butter, she mates the madams in Harlem hotels

In a hustler’s world hustlers hustle, drive alongside police cars, pull trucks with teeth
Walk around high heeled and skirts, feast or famine, carve men like carcass, left for dead
Oscar Wildes from Jackson Heights, bookish, coffee cockatoos, smart without smart phones
Art talking themselves through conversations with Chinese American girls lust laughing
All the young dudes black like licorice, skinny jeans sag sagging, stick figures bragging
On the streets they howl, crow call, rat catch violent men drinking from beer bottles

Come closer, tumors on your skin make for tattoos, why don’t we kill a rhinoceros
Spend our lives behind bars, hunt a hyena, do serious damage to the walls at BAM
Fire trucks at rush hour, fire men watching as buildings burn down, we can escape
Call to the cows at Woodstock, run ourselves over mud, make money selling cheese

We will feed off the fat of the land, burn wood for fire, roast chipmunks in garden heat
Over the hills we ride our horses free into the oncoming sun, no chemicals, no rayon
Naked to the bone, spiritual gypsies holding hands, half a circle singing songs in Arabic
At night we chant, Nom Myo Ho Renge Kyo, move our bodies to the voices in our heads
Leave behind the circus of the city, flying pigs, man-made gorillas waddling Fifth Avenue

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