Saturday, August 23, 2014

Black Rose, Yellow Daffodil

I’m your black rose, debonair, captain of this lounge, courting loose leaves
Green girls dressed in fishnet stockings, torn tee shirts, knife pleated skirts
They pose beside these leather sofas reading Fanzines, popping bubble gum
How I attract them like bees, swarming the corners of this City University
Where does the time go, here we can’t tell hours from minutes, we suicide
Drinking in color of Camel cigarettes, a hush overcomes us, no paranoia
Listen as lovers whisper; others carry on about science and anthropology
This place where nerds take cover from Misfits, Sex Pistols, Richard Hell
You come to me yellow daffodil, fresh out of the womb, sexual anarchist
Our words are voluptuous, barking up a tree, who do you choose to love
Where do we go tonight, do we dance at Danceteria, get drunk in Chelsea
Sea of people in purple uniforms under blue light, lime green eye shadows
Slipping through a crowd, cigarette girls, Italian boys in yellow zebra suits
Blood shot eyes, caffeinated teeth, face of a monsoon, I look upon you Betty
What animal do you see in me, I am a drug spread over your table cloth
Do you take me in by needle, do you sniff me up like coke, I’m your drug
What do you do with leather, black leather on your skin, the dancer within
Ballerina hyena, how the night goes where we go, foxes calling, howling
Make the smoke rise off the streets, the peculiar corners of these streets
Graffiti walls, men with Mohawks, where do they go when lights go out
This black world where flowers refuse to grow; left to rot in broken bottles
My daffodil, Nancy suicide, we die slowly drinking whiskey, wake me up
Let the wires in your hair fall down, electric, when we make love, we bruise
The evening arches, watching as the back of you bends, roar, this riot, roar
Shards of glass spread over carpeted floor; reflection in the mirror is fire
Bright light shining, our bodies wrestle, flower petals circle on our bed

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