Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kingdom of Whores

Kofi Fosu Forson

Kingdom of whores with tattoos cracked teeth chipped fingers fading nail polish
Bedford Avenue girls crash as if fuck finale end of nookie bootie call the quickie
Tumbling between crowds cockroaches Vice fanatics bearded leather boots proud
Sophomores inside pastel bars light beers in hand effeminate intimidated sexless
Bartenders masculine alpha males channel spirits sex gods potions concoctions

Night an I Pod vinyl record tormenting our soul an edge we choose to love or kill
Running away from ourselves into company others lovers friends worst enemies
Fear cavity pulled at root imagining world outside where we drink with wolves
Sit among murderers nightmarish room music dark corners where people kiss
Draw themselves into conversations one act plays hoping for moments of bliss

Half lives damaged new generations plaster walls with shit Howard Street corner
Headlights flashing onto excrement caked four feet above ground wooden door
Piss Christ Karen Finley they were the first Kathy Acker said "Fuck Me" in public
Pubescent girls barely legal posters inside jail cells middle aged men wanking off
God platinum blond pop star with bikini wax giving blow jobs back of limousines

Post feminism pussy was king butches on wheels death dying arms of heroin chic
Model amour design porn fetish stiletto magazines Richard Kern photographs
Women politicizing the word "Bitch" carving a niche within this dog domain
Men emasculated porno pathetic penetrated by well paid strippers strapped on
Fantasy I always had would have wanted to tie up Brandy read her Baudelaire

But was she muse fallen desire on blanket as I crept drunken kissing her feet
Leaving this crowded dorm room returning accompanied by another familiar
Pummel me leather boots belt fists chaos drunken students watch scattering
Slave in a hierarchy displacement black intellectuals diagnosed white disease
Love neurosis falling for Euro American women those who prefer Black English

Post Neo Expressionist Gangstas chaperone white dolls through ghetto scums
Crack addicts prostitutes middle aged divorces art whores share in empathy
While educated black women disown their very own black male syndrome
Gang or crew leveled threat onto these streets left their mark paint tags blood
Dangerous minds attracting desperate junkies feasting on the crime of art

Voyeur women wandering the city alone Central Park to Sundays in Tribeca
In eyes of men walking fantasies for some chance to dream or perhaps undress
Inspiration for artists who fought for light in these girls they saw potential
Muses loving wearing their worth on these men like coat oil seeping through skin
Making art posing for painting traveling for miles just be face in a photograph

Women begged to have philosophy whispered in their ear wilting in fear
From men who turned them into sex muses new era of porno kings smut sadists
Fucked girls on videotape posted them for all the world to see this our new kingdom
Whoredom seeking fame history reminds us of frontier women Hollywood glamour
How girls go by not a thing we would change they grow wild seeds spread wild flowers

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