Monday, December 15, 2014

A Lars Von Trier Movie
Black OBGYN’s caught Masturbating

In the city of my familiar girls wore thin from the sun in winter they dried as grape
Orange leaves that fell they wandered through wearing boots made famous
Within the pages of Seventeen I ascended upon teen queens brunette and blonde
With names like Brooke and Ashley dressed in tight jeans contemplating stardom
Winter came the years by we hovered around television sitcoms and soap operas
That wonderland I relived throughout books by Agatha Christie and S.E. Hinton

We were the Hardy Boys brown and scholarly courting knives and catholic girls
Kiss posters on our walls listening to urban radio we were rock stars and deejays
In the stairwells of public housing we brought girls to their knees stroked their hair
An army of us stealing our way into bodegas running off not ever paying a cent
At the street corners we stood throwing snow balls yelling insults at each other
My Septembers when I read Nancy Drew in a park in fear of neighborhood thugs

This a dream world where black girls had been forgotten in the yesteryears of home
Here I was emblazoned on fields of grass where girls stood to cheer holding pompoms
They were the first exclamations of love, proclamations of uncertainty what was a boy
At heart unnamed to many as lover just a kid with perks a talent afoot style to relish
Portrait of the artist as a young man caught making pencil drawings of centerfolds
A shaming of youth where white girls were untouchables like my mother’s Vasoline

Tomorrows babies Kath Kathing like Kathy most dangerous girl with a cobra tattoo
Purple lipstick red rouge black blackness what do you do with a black poet thief
Rimbaud redux an African Jean Michel painted my seasons in hell colors of sex
Sexing white girls watching the curiousness of their eyes what they saw in me
A devil sheep marching them to church altar the process of processing authority
My guard my god allowed me this the power to mold mesh the skin in Jewish faith

That a black man touching the flesh of Jewish girls Jewish sex builds a mind state
Who am I a Svengali third lover I waive a wand my pen is a sword I enlist by command
I am not the Black Marquis de Sade or the sadist who raped the minds and bones
I gave of my heart I tutored not torture tutelage, Flower King spreading rose petals
Black Cocteau in honor of theater girls who fell in love with words I had carved
Shaped put to test presented for them to perform portray, come from under to fore

Black man black coitus the fang of foo round the way girls never bothered to inspect
Concoct a concoction if you please for it would take potion to possess perhaps to undress
Time when the Christina Rossettis on Horatio street contemplated suicide I was a friend
How I reeled them in thinking of this city a kingdom of corrupted girls bargain shopping
I mouthed nipples pink in color flat bottoms strands of hair that fell freckles on the chest
I cursed the Sylvia Plaths into the memory of a Kenyan girl ghetto girls waxing poetic

Bring on the Boogie Down show me some rasta Bronx chics chatting tall Nubian girls dancing
Mo chique mo shimmy does Maya Angelou come in a black girl from the upper west side
Call it a broken home call my mind a house made of stone crumbling turning into sand
I’m a book with torn pages written on by the Elizabeth Bishops Emily Dickinson Anais Nin
Black girls wear masks they breathe in my neurosis through masks I call them Picasso girls
They tease me through a veil a Lars Von Trier movie black OBGYN’s caught masturbating

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