Monday, January 12, 2015

For Laura # 2

Worry not the littlest thing I have found you whether it be for me or the world
Birthed thing where the loveliest angel lifts a wing falls onto the one she loves

Baby, mother loves you, she will warm your bed for you, go to sleep now
Should love lights dim don't shed a tear, she'll lift both arms to shoulder

Ways away rugged feet ponder the city grasses grow cemented pathways
Buses, cars, subways trails of future fortunes but it's not money we'll recover

Brilliance in detail, what words we share, thought out provocative, modernist
Language carries over across cities onto internet lines though we are one

Captivated by light birth right rock and roll magic shamanistic Joey Ramone
We are rebel we are free this is our philosophy this is our lament our secrecy

As the trolls recover from much violence shark weather there is sunshine
On a dark morning moon Monday drive, move these wise hours to school

Teach if with toys tell tales paint pictures call back the memory of Frida
This is the future we exist, these are our future comrades and soldiers

In a home secure and solemn is where I will find you captured by celluloid
Hollywood I bid you good evening, where is Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

Looking at you I see l'amour, French for love, our language, a white dove
Tomorrow the world will begin again, carry over into a book of men women

Faces places where we hide, let it be known, we are ready, we are ready
Call upon us, we will come to take you from trouble, deliver you from under

We have been tested, in she and I is magic shamanistic you and me
Set the world afire aromatic, we sleep together on similar beds everlasting

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