Saturday, June 06, 2015

Parasitic Panhandler of Drugs

Some call it hedonism, breaking jaw or inserting knife
If my five hundred wives before me how would I be potent
Cash in the savages; they are torn by awesome weather
Calf crunch, bite skin, leave taste of blood on tongue
Warm to the touch, engines running, gasoline burning
In the hours of god I assume all attention on me
Numbered as one, rain water boils under my feet
All hail the nincompoop, high on dementia ovens
Paint these walls with semen, leave a devil doll
He walks possessed, parasitic panhandler of drugs
Dot the dirty eye; we are evil thieves crash landing
On uneven streets marching with suicide potential
No bed fetching stranger, sleep whore monger is safe
Call it parricide, hemmed at skirt, a mother weeping
Dreaming days dog gone away, strange demonology
Carpenter fingers house my ego on your upper shelf
Cradle bottom of desire, mattress bending this bodice
Woman machine beat music into me, rock the pony
Heave hatred at my hoof, I deserve dismemberment
Drink up this night’s policing, handcuffed, tormented
Work the taser, I am becoming notorious, thug threat
Teach your sons not to beg, there are hoodlums here
Waiting for a chance, a chance for wild initiations

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