Monday, February 05, 2007

The Model:
Ambition versus Neurosis
Kofi Fosu Forson

If foundation forms a balance between the body and one’s existence, what then is the circumstance that defines the model?

The model is a figure, a solid human form that allows many artists to aspire in the creation of sculptures, paintings and photographs. It is not without a syndrome. Models are people. They have lives which border family, friends…the future. In this case, their physicality is their main asset.

In the world of art, models vary in sizes. They stretch from a Lucien Freud model, overweight with girth to the average bodies of both men and women in contemporary nudes. Fashion models tend to be thin. This serves as a relevance to the mannequin. These models promote a sale. In the contemporary world of modeling, they have been given a personality. Some have gone as far to be known as “super models.”

Certain artists are known for their particular use of models, Stieglitz and O’keefe, Beecroft and her study of the model as subtly pornographic, not to evoke flesh tempestuously but to combine images of the flesh with fashion, definable as high and low art. Mapplethorpe showcased a seemingly homo-erotic nature. Richard Kern favors the common, everyday model given an erotic touch.

Models when photographed are definable by a pose. This is applicable to the language shared between the photographer and the model.

What is the model’s ultimate ambition? There are models who become actors, performers, singers… Rosie Vela was known as a model from the 1980’s. She promptly recorded an album titled “Zazu.” Paris Hilton, a personality in the modern age has done the very same thing. Models are quick to realize that modeling is a short life span.

Modeling also comes with a form of neurosis. Is it beauty the general public seeks? Are they, the models, worth more than just their body and flesh? How does one deal with addiction to drugs? Can the model ever prove her intelligence beyond taking her clothes off?

The neurosis that defines most models is the balance between ambition and perfection. What the model struggles with is her continuous attempt to be perfect.


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