Monday, February 26, 2007

Black Market Kokoschka
Kofi Fosu Forson

If the urban male were a painting, what would he be?

It’s not enough for a pugilist to spend twenty four hours in the gym (boxing ring)…he would still find it in himself to plug a woman, buy some shirts, read the headlines, have a drink, take the subway, hail a cab, talk sports, women, politics… He doesn’t if he’s employed. He then has to make money at something before he makes the refrain towards skiing, gambling or the beach.

The urban male is in love with himself. There are enough products on the market to keep him honest.

It is not women who profess to be ballsy. They could care less. All they need to do is look pretty. Most men would prefer a beautiful woman to a thinking woman. The wish to have both intellect and looks in a woman is an ongoing fantasy in men which precludes the constant need to be with the so called “easy girl.”

Intellect per average in a man borders information acquired from the media and the need to expound. There are those who went to school and are in order with the ability to intellectualize. As for the order of the day, the urban male will always have an opinion from the televised games from the night before to the woman walking by.

The urban male’s choice of vernacular is heavy in machismo. There’s the common insertion of profanity to the cocksure demeanor. All in all, everything is dependent upon the weight of the balls and cock and the secured peculiar intelligence about things most women would find uninteresting.

The common man in any major city is a very interesting animal. He has a unique sense of fashion, whether it’s acquired from men’s magazine or to what he would personally deem attractive to himself. Men dress for themselves. Unlike women, they don’t pay any particular attention to what the opposing gender thinks.

There’s the eighties cool blazer, tee-shirt, jeans and sneakers look. The shirt collar over lapping the blazer is usually featured at night by men who are or want to appear sophisticated. A tee-shirt and jeans is an everyday thing. A full-fledged suit is the mark of success. A hat, cowboy or cap, leather, belt, shoes…are all accessories pertinent to each man.

Health is important to the urban male. He usually works out, jogs or walks. In the modern age, he is careful about intake of fat, cholesterol and sugar. He drinks…everything from whiskey, beer to coffee and water, bubbly or plain.

As an urban male, he has a taste for the finer things in life, from restaurants to exclusive clubs but also the urban male seeks out pleasure in dance clubs and dining facilities in outer boroughs. He reads…newspapers, novels, text books, personal diaries… He’s very much an informed person.

What differentiates the urban male from the men in high society is that the mustard stain on the suit of the man with the seven figure salary could be auctioned off as a piece of art. An urban male with a mustard stain on his suit is running, helplessly running to the Laundromat.

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