Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Negative Space
Artist vs. Man

Kofi Fosu Forson

What happens in-between the point when a man meets a woman to the moment of consummation?

The artist is a gigolo. He is greedy. He packs a wallop, psychology, neurosis, madness, sexuality, originality, fashion and kink. There are many reasons to thought-provoke the boundaries of the negative space when it comes to love.

Man is a monster. He is mean and yet conquerable. Love is the very thing, allowing for a feeling of helplessness.

Upon meeting a woman, if the man takes interest, he is politely courteous. And yet there are a million thoughts raging within him. This is the beginning of the indecisions which make up the negative space, the emptiness between two points. In this case, the time spent alone without the perspective female interest.

What is one left to do with the self? During the quiet time spent watching television, a model sparks the memory of the love interest. Thoughts range from a fantasy to a potential conversation. But in the locker-room it is known…you never phone a girl two days after and you certainly never masturbate thinking about her.

So what are the non-masturbatory activities? Watching pornography is prevalent at this time. There are moments spent talking to friends about the love interest. Female friends endure a lot of talk at this point. Men want to know what to say and how to behave. Some men feel free enough to have sex with other girls at this time.

The artist is a different creature. He is after all a man and he does what’s expected of most men. However, he has an advantage. He’s an artist. It’s possible for him to sit and live off the essence of the love interest. Songs can be written about her, mostly nonsensical songs sung while bathing or cooking. He can hire a model and make paintings. He could sleep with the model while thinking of the love interest. Against all wishes of the man laws, he can call her the very next day.

Eventually, both men would have reached a conclusion. It wouldn’t be whether they would have slept with her at all. Rather who was successful in making do with the empty space between the first time they met the love interest and the moment when they claimed her as lover or ex.

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