Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Aromatic Fangola
Kofi Fosu Forson

Thin air, sunlight traveling fast…black love, German-love-machine
Birthday boy, Ghanaian lips, kisses like pistachio
Candles burn, cigar smoke, Christmas in the month of May
Love story by Eberstadt, white shoes, woo-you-voodoo
Afro punk, Euro glitter, African show-show, belly-belly
Empire State, champagne water, seduction, move closer
New York, lust, aromatic fangola, woo me, woo you
Downtown jazz…All that razz-ma-tazz

Buddhist flat, fleur de mode, danse…ballet erotico
Guru, embracing, back-bone, push-push love, blood rush
Word pimp, drum beat looping, hot love, pale thigh, black thong
Blue Deneuve, tough tongue, painting, water lilies, bare-naked

Blanco, Negro, cabeza, gorila, leopardo, luna
Body, ritual, femur, effervescence, candlessence
Breakfast, conversation, boudoir, espresso, avocado
Harley Davidson, t-shirt, divine, laughter, companion, lover

Spiritual chocolate, intellectual pubis, elegance, existence
Juju, libation, mid-town, Motown, white-hot-heat
Black-funk-feast, prosciutto, confetti, finale

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