Wednesday, June 06, 2007

“La femme est un pistolet”

Kofi Fosu Forson

Woman is a pistol. Do you dare disagree? Within the parameters of psychosexuality, it is so. Otherwise “Les femmes sont les fruits d’amour.”

Women are the fruits of love….The rendering of Eve in the Garden of Eden. Metaphorically, a peach sliced in half conjures the image of the vulva. A fruit governed by the sweetness of the pulp represents the essence of woman, at once forbidden and yet embraceable.

The ramifications of psychosexuality endure the psychic relevancies of sex. The anima and animus represent the sexual libido within the respective genders. Sexuality is therefore expressed as hetero-, homo- or bisexual.

There’s a quotient of what is normal or abnormal. Its prejudice is particular to the individual alone.

Psychosexuality encapsulates the sexual history of a person. As a whole it explores the pattern, style, preference and the psychological and pathological representation of the individual. It furthermore enhances the stigma which defines psychic behavior.

Imagine woman as a pistol. How, where and from whom does she get her bullet? Such is the dimension of psychosexuality. The role women and men play are distinct. It can mean the types of sex people tend to have. Psychically, it draws from the fears, shock, pangs and the mental and emotional prowess of each individual.

However interpreted, fantasies and nocturnal dreams explain the psychology and reasoning behind the choices people make, sexually.

If woman is a pistol, how do we value or devalue the potency of man?

Woman is a pistol. The mind is a bullet.

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