Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Black Kamali
Kofi Fosu Forson

Emotional temperature, Klimt in Vienna
White turmoil, memory of Tamar
Burn slowly flower to the flame,
Orange hair wasted on blunt knife.
Wash with winter spoons custard pies,
Place them carefully atop needles and pins.
We claim tomorrow in yesterday’s shoes
Gentian Violet bottles bleed purple
Murder me some Simone. Nina, I love you

Catch the setting sun. The work day is done
Young wives fetching drums wound tight
Helpless, a black Kamali, birthday bong
Ankle bracelet, tattoo tone, gangrene
Charcoal-kiss London boys burning hashish
Dance alone hip-hugging bone, serenading
Saturation! Body afloat wing swept clouds
Blue eternal bliss, eyes closed, monk sleep
Alone in the wintry snow, counting sheep

Birds having swung April’s vine
Backyards form from grass to grass
Cool pale mint moist with spring’s birth
Forgetting, leaving a life lost in melancholia
Now the cat’s meow echoes Depeche Mode.
Mother’s hair dyed, drunken, falling fits
Barefooted, slipping over paper clowns
Scissors sounding, cutting, ruining
Childhood dresses, Halloween masks

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