Monday, August 27, 2007

Disillusionment of Money

Kofi Fosu Forson

To be bankrupt! Do we earn the right to be penniless, first or are we at a disposition to be constantly in need of money?

Does an artist ever claim bankruptcy? Is a work of art ultimately equivalent to money? If the mind is based on philosophy, can intellect be synonymous with money? Meaning percentage of currency applies to intellectual wealth.

Therefore should an artist with a PhD. automatically merit the dollar? Symbolically intelligence is synonymous with money. What artists if any lay claim to this philosophy? Most artists yearn a million dollars for a piece of work.

Language befallen the artist in modern day is one of fame. The artwork takes on an all too grandiose interpretation, formulating its philosophy as something commercial other than the notion once shared through popular art: - That in order to be an artist one had to sketch. Conscientiously, the artist’s philosophy subjects itself to wealth. The overall speculation is then not about the finished work but the detailed philosophy behind it.

If I’m to celebrate this generating of modern philosophy in art, then I’m sure to find an understanding within the self as neo-, formulaic and semiotic. Language will forever apply principles, not of Art History, but rather ramifications found in the ideology.

Advertisement hovers over the psyche of any named artist. The future then will be to decipher and detract the commonality in terms of subcultures, race, gender and the overall tone of a nation, community or continent.

The dynamism of art is ready for a new revolution. It however stems from a perfunctory attitude which in the current state throbs.

Art Education prepares the artist. The notion of what follows is ultimately worth a buck per thought. Imagine a million bucks worth of thinking and still not be able to produce the Mona Lisa.

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