Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Dora Maar, Mon Amour

Kofi Fosu Forson

The language of love is greater when one is possessed by language and then love. Women find their way into the hearts of men who exist on a vowel, tone and temperature.

Passion, comma…What else deserves a better pronunciation than the signature at the bottom of a painting!

“Inventing a word placed in a dictionary is greater than becoming President.” (Bill Beckley) “I deserve the most beautiful woman in the world.” (Kofi Fosu)

Dora Maar, mon amour. I have known in essence, woman emerging as beautiful, sexual and miserable. The language of love results in a painting. Is it the painting that’s outstanding or is it the woman? As a woman is she worth more on the canvas or as feminine and female? What is the role of woman given prospects of an artistic setting? Is she female or is she a muse void of sexe?

Man is male. Thusly the artist is male. Separating male from artist is impossible. The restraints that border sex and masculinity are rendered as soluble. The experience therefore is explained within the language as artist to muse, masculine to feminine and as lovers. Circumstances feature only the artist to female or male muse. That then is par for the course.

There are some who live art emotionally and intellectually as a disease. These are not artists but those who follow art. They get involved as models, as an audience, muses or as some would say, “art-hags.” The experience is much equivalent of a “high”. Drug and celebrity culture are in keeping with this experience. To say I was at a party with Paulina Porizkova is similar for a woman to say she sat as a model for a painting.

Many of these women live off the fame of designated artists. It demeans the relationship the artist has with his muses. That is an exclusive language. There are moments of ambition, innocence and seduction, carrying over to dedication and intervention.

Art is indeed therapy which restores the sensibility of even a woman led astray by false promises, betrayal and defeat.

Women choose not a lover in artists. They fall in love with the person. For the artist to speak the language of art, he will be seduced by everything made possible.

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