Monday, October 15, 2007

Britney Spears:
White Turmoil

Kofi Fosu Forson

The origin of an idea manifests itself into something larger than life. Such was the modus operandi in the Clinton nineties. Seattle originated a form of rock’n roll called “grunge.” There had to have been a resolution for that other form of music, pop. It came in the rendering of a young and quite sexy girl named Britney Spears.

Legend has it that magazines like Barely Legal were popularized around the success of Miss Spears. Fair to say Britney is the God Mother to every sixteen year old during this time who wore make-up and had a certain urge for promiscuity.

What was the original idea? Inevitably society turned the tide towards the marketing of much younger professionals. The president of Black Book was in his early twenties. Beauty Bar located on the edge of the East Village in New York previously had a more mature crowd. As if by some intervention, the younger set from New York University and other local colleges made their way into this establishment filling the space with exuberance not recognized before.

Heaven, a café across the street from Baruch College, allowed teenagers from Unice high school to smoke alongside older men. Symptomatically, this was a continuation of gender politics from decades before. Britney Spears was then a poster child for the burgeoning demographic of young women curious about sexuality.

Miss Spears has since seen her share of sensationalism from kissing Madonna on the lips, termed as softly erotic, to her music videos which always push the envelope. After giving birth and raising two children, she has fallen into a dimension best described as disillusioned.

What this certifies is the plurality of money and sex. The Bush era has allowed a proliferation of a cannoned disaster.

The white female in her reasons of turmoil has revamped a psychology where sex is a means of necessity not a matter of contentment. It has brought about a mélange of sexual proclivities, which in turn reflects upon urban violence and underscores reasons for war.

To reinvent Britney Spears as a pop star, she needs a yogi to reposition her thoughts and aura much the same way each one of us must examine our hearts and minds and invest in the common link:

Deconstruction of the ego!

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