Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Lady Lilith
A History of Flesh

Kofi Fosu Forson

Love, the damage in every soul! Blessed thing of beauty, we succumb. If goddess, a mountain to climb, from her calves, through to her sexual cavity to touch at teat, embracing the fortune of her face.

Overcoming, bearer of thorns, pricked at skin; buried a death, beginning again. Woman, seduce me! Take this misery, make love of it. Swelter in this cold heat. Divine bosom, I rest my head, listening.

Luna Rose, singing, blues and bloods. House-mother, her body scent, fresh from sand, water and peppermint leaves. Blood sister, tame the female other, and bring her closer to cup. Buffalo girl, lift your arms, wrap it around. Give love in decadent desire. Teach us a dance, sacred dance. Our bodies become one with love by making love.

Devour! Seduce me, sister! Seduce me with your body alone. Take me into trouble. Let us walk through men. I am man. You are the reason for every man. Ravish! Fall onto bed, make these walls remember. Lover! What man doesn’t aspire? Keep them hidden. Save this love for eternity.

Lilith, female, illustrious she, we make love. Tug at hair, your crowning glory, motherly pubis. Celebrated lust, bring to bear potential sin. Fathom a room of lovers brought about by ecstasy, reaching unmentionable moments of pleasure. Imagine at its center, your body sprawled. Male, female reaching to touch! Sense the arousal, causing immediate joy. Intensity, constant stimulation rendered in absolute rapture.

Lovemaking, birth of light, ascending into a holier light! Let the dry wind blow. City streets fill with petals. People gather around, cherishing a new profound love, a woman of sun and moon, fasting, beckoning… becoming Cherie Amour!

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