Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Gorilla Heads/Gorilla Girls
“Women form like butterflies…”

Kofi Fosu Forson

I would have followed Bukowski into a ring and watched him read his opponent Baudelaire.

A few gorillas have passed through this life, literary or musical primates who loved or gave of their heart or spirit for city, benefit of country or simply loved woman and indeed were beasts, uncontested, unleveled and undeniably man.

Charles Bukowski fell into my conscience when I first read “love letters” and “hell hath no fury.”

These poems were featured in book called Geography of American Poets. Thought of lover reading his partner love letters he had written her was memorable. “hell hath no fury” was different.

Bukowski had to adopt advice of woman by window to off and leave with another woman in an orange Volkswagen. Since having read this poem, I have continuous fantasy of several women in a car at stop light coming up to seduce me as I walk by.

Does every one have gorilla complex? That is to say an artist larger than life whose body of work defines and defies generation and who are those they’ve loved and left behind?

Certainly Steinbeck owns The Grapes of Wrath, Hemingway and For Whom the Bell Tolls, Charles Mingus through to eternity, Julian Schnabel as a modern day master of debate on who and what is an artist?

I hereby say an artist exists by tradition as manipulator of what is made affordable through genes, technology, environment, psychology and sexuality.

As Bo Diddley sang, “Who do you love?” Well Basquiat loved Malouk and Madonna, hence the infamous fight between these two timeless beauties. Picasso had Dora Maar. Stieglitz and Okeefe was a couple for a lifetime.

Musicians have their share of groupies. It is known that musicians enter the business to meet women. However true of any artist, practice the craft, gain celebrity, make money and women fall at the feet.

Sting of musical band, Police, sang of a Gorilla Girl. I think of gorilla girl as one who accompanies gorilla head…Forever, Marilyn Monroe.

Who are Gorilla Heads of today and who are women that nominate them? We seem to be surrounded by bevy of beautiful women, fantasies of most men and their gorilla heads are athletes, politicians and other celebrities.

Is Norman Mailer's charisma truly dead? You couldn't have bought Sam Sheperd's charm.

I leave it up to one man. In a name..."Clooney"

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