Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Intelligence this Translucent…
Language and Seduction/Future sex games

Kofi Fosu Forson

Intelligence is as ice much the brilliance in cool light, transparent yet possessed by thin matter of film. Language was then and is virgin. Future sex games will emanate from virtual reality.

What we have failed to do is cultivate fashion as semiotic, sex as seduction and text as pleasurable. The domination behind this impotency has more to do with serial raping of language. That the virgin within has been stripped of the Botticelli red bra, used to tie her against the bed post and dully raped for hours.

What of the literal and actual rape? Where does it find its mark in society? By all means those who commit violent acts need be prosecuted. From The Rape of the Sabine Women to the rampantly shocking nature of Diamanda Galas, history has called upon a deterioration of the soul. Those who manifest redeem themselves as our thinkers of the day, Dostoyevsky, Dylan, Barthes, Tarrentino, 2 Pac and a host of others who pave the way for a rabid culture.

Intelligence this translucent causes a reaffirming of where we are in time. We are among paradise lost. This is our waste land. Our 2001 Space Odyssey celluloid dream has become reality. Are we then retreating to the place of birth or do we venture into the eternal reality of death?

Instinctively, life is lived in the second. Much of this has been proven in day to day communication. How does the envisioning of life as techno, hyper and virtual meet the evolution of language? Are we short listing its potential? Was it not a dream to write The Great American Novel? Did David Foster Wallace leave us speechless with Infinite Jest?

Academia and pop culture were given discernment in The Closing of The American Mind and The Decline of Western Civilization. It was a time of assessment and understanding. That decisive query about who we were was articulated in Tama Janowitz’s Slaves of New York.

The conclusion drawn can be found in The Whitney Biennial, two years ago. Are we as Americans the dominant culture? Do Africans who adopt a life in America truly define the term “African American?” Is Obama new wave? Does he bring considerable light to language? Or does politics meet a conclusive turn in its understanding as gender, cultural, sexual, national and world.

Intelligence this translucent demands a conclusion. We manage by networking, developing a web of articulation by people who feel the same about thought processes with the hopes of forming a link through the greater World Wide Web.

The blog has improved my philosophical text. How does text-messaging encourage the seduction of language? Much to the contrary, it does. Any means of articulation is managed with imagination and passion.

What we need to do in order to imbibe this stress of intellectual light is form a gathering, like pockets of people who think a certain way. The Beatniks, Hippies, Yuppies have all defined culture. Much of this is necessary. Otherwise we’ll remain or continue in a direction of people with no centeredness, just constant in their references about celluloid culture, internet pornography or the misdirection of politics.

The future of the world depends on the next president of the United States. I certainly hope he speaks French. Or likes Botticelli.


Mohammed said...

Obama may satisfy both.
Interestingly enough America is about the only place on earth that Afrians can actually be AFricans and Americans at the same time...and don't feel torn. There is a new wave. We, the people of the world, are witnessing what the New Millenium promised: a bridging of societal and cultural gap, and even political. The discussion has just begun, and thanks, Kofi for creating and sharing this your forum.

fifi said...

Mohammed, there is a new wave occurring. Do believe however it could be run by either black male or female. I say this due to the tide in gender politics. Obama defines the conscience of a future generation if not a world yet to be fathomed. I believe Hillary be given a chance as woman at such a point when women embrace power both in gender, socio and sexual politics.

Dianne Bowen said...

thank you my friend, enjoyed reading. Though more uncomfortable conversations are brought out from under petticoats they are still couched in comfortable language. Maybe or I should say hopefully we are on the verge of enlightenment as a species. Coming to an acceptence and love for all the differences and similarites within human beings. This brings the possibility of foward movement in thought and concsciousness.