Monday, September 01, 2008

Trans Beirut Erotica
Kofi Fosu Forson

Elegantly new because water purifies you know. Cleanses feet of sandal soot, frees cuticles of modern nail polish, separates lint from the belly button, adds moisture to the vaginal cavity and wets the skin to then dry within the comfort of laundered towels.

Beirut would then be the place to call on evenings like this ‘cause he’d be waking up getting ready for another day of briefings, teleprompting and interviews. But tonight he was here in Landover waiting for her to come to bed. She walked into the room with a towel covering her cleavage and mid-section. Another towel towered over her head. Standing by the doorway she looked at him as he sat bare-chested on the bed reading a newspaper. She smiled the kind of smile that let him know she was happy to have him there with her. She had worried over him and tonight they were together alone.

“Carrie, I’ve been assigned a post in Nicaragua.”

“And who’ll be doing the dishes while you’re gone?”

Lamenting about her days alone without him, she moved closer to the edge of the bed and sat looking away from him. Her hands were placed flat on the bed. She looked down at her fingers, blinked, thought for a moment and let out a long breath.

Removing the towel covering her waist, she entered the bathroom and brought with her a bottle of lotion. She stood before him, rubbing the lotion all over her body, around her arms, legs and thighs. Her fingers pushed back the towel covering her head. She tilted it to the side and fussed with her hair. He kept on reading the newspaper. She remained silent, watching him.

He appeared distant, quietly adjusting the newspaper to another page. The light from the lamp fell over him. He looked important, the reading glasses and his poise, focused on what he was reading. Within the dead air, he cleared his throat, removed his glasses, looked over at her and asked her to come closer.

The bed sheets covered the lower part of his body. Her back facing, she inched closer to him. He toyed with the strands of her hair, combing it through with his fingers.

“It’s not getting any easier, Carrie.”

She glanced up at him, with her eyes blinking, turning around to face him.

“Where would we be without each other?”

She took his fingers and raised them to her lips. She rubbed her lips over them. His fingers were long and thin. She sucked on them, one after the other, sucking until the finger disappeared into her mouth. She secured her body on the bed, her head on the pillow, one arm folded under her head and the other embracing him as he moved from her breasts to her navel, kissing her.

Kissing with open mouths, they groped each other, breathing, circling as their bodies formed in rotation. He pulled his weight off her, separating her legs. She was wet. He placed his tongue over her clitoris, licking and sucking. His mouth completely covered her, licking, sucking and fingering. She closed her eyes, rubbing her breasts and moaning.

He grabbed her legs and raised them in the air, securing them over his shoulders. He then held onto his prick putting it inside of her. She immediately lifted her head off the pillow and let out a hot sigh. He rammed it in continuously. His arms long, palms flat on the bed, his head bobbing from looking at the wall and onto her face. She looked up at him with her mouth open, letting in air as he rocked her, gently, building into a crescendo, separating her legs wider, keeping the intense pace, steady and effortless…pushing his love into her, as the moaning increased in sound.

He turned her around onto her knees. He went in from there, muscling his way into her, pushing, digging with dick into the music of her pussy. She was breathing, feeling his prick separating and entering her. Their bodies remained a vision of light and fantasy.

She the girl on top, gyrating counterclockwise, her buttocks bouncing off his prick, up and down dancing as she pants, body slanted slightly, faster the momentum, she lets out one hot sigh after the other. He brings his fingers to fore rubbing her clitoris as she thunders above him. She turns around to face him, resuming pressure. She raises her buttocks inches above bouncing off his prick.

She feels a momentum up and down her spine. She trembles, whispering his name repeatedly, maintaining the rhythm of sex as she builds up speed, whispering his name.

Her pussy tightens. She screams out loud, arching her back, collapsing onto him to kiss him softly, resting her head on his chest.

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