Thursday, September 18, 2008


Kofi Fosu Forson

Wittgenstein. I had never heard of Wittgenstein. They were a rock band he said and he was the bassist. Didn’t care to know what type of music they played. I was on some dyslexic sex shit I paid enough money for and I was feeling pretty good…Pretty good enuff to be noticed in this fuckin’ dive dump of a cash bar…ya know like every one here is well off, yeah like intellect is money and it comes in pounds and yen as well. But get caught up on some shit about mathematics and philosophy ya get the name Wittgenstein as a name of a band.

Didn’t know if he was shittin’ me or not but he kissed like a mean grocer. Picture a fuckin’ joogie at the market slippin them shits in a brown paper bag but he does it with style. I mean one after the other…tit-fuck, dick-suck, tit-fuck, dick-suck. Sex is good like that. I definitely wanted to fuck him. Wasn’t sure if he liked what I was wearing. I had on the charcoal-black proper. It fits, meaning whatever the occasion. This was a perfect call, the charcoal black dress, my stiffs, can’t get my feet in ‘em but when I do I strut.

He was cool kinda like that Jagger thing you get with the Brits. Stick-fit that thought in your brain and think about a lanky fella with bones for a body. That means fine prick, right?! Whatever, at least he had a prick. Felt sorry for some of these other boys. Bastard wouldn’t place his Remi on the bar. He kept it hangin’ sip after sip, turning to look away, back at me with those lips to say, “Get drunk. I wanna fuck.”

Yeah he was a bassist. He had a poster of Paul Simonon in his bedroom. He immediately took off all his clothes to the bone. I watched as his cock saluted me. His body was tight to the muscle from ribcage to abs. His head of hair wasn’t wig but had that effect and I looked down at his prick hair it looked a mess, uncombed but good bush. So he stood there looking at me and he went with his hand like this…like what about that dress. Are ya gonna take it off? I couldn’t believe it...

This strong piece of ass was going to stick his hard dick in my cunt and make me cum. The water moisture in my pussy was almost making a sound with all that rubbing against each other. I had one leg over the other as I took off the stiffs one by one. I fell back on the bed and lifted the charcoal dress up above my thighs exposing my candle-white panties. I wear them when I want to lose my virginity for the fiftieth time. He came over and pulled them off my body, proceeding with the middle finger inserting it in and out of me while the thumb and the next finger rubbed my clit.

Yeah! Fuck yeah! Right darling now look me in the eye as you do this. Yeah! Oooh yeah!
You do what for a living now… I see you as a cock who will make me cum tonight. Bitch! Fuck! Like wow…Fuck me…Please…please.

He stuck his fingers in his mouth then rubbed them over his cock. I had my legs spread wide separating my pussy with my fingers. When he entered me it felt right. It was the perfect fit. We were in it for sure. My hands caressed him as he went in and out of me.

Fuck me! Bitch! Fuck me!

He had me by both legs as he cycled his way in and out of me. I took my time to finger my clit, rubbing it faster and faster as he fucked me in an alternate motion. Is that not it?!

The rhythmic pressure of two alternate motions to form a symmetric balance is conducive to the determining factor from both points wanting a conclusion defined by its dimension therefore giving in to the relevance of what is taking place.

We were fucking. All I wanted to do was cum. He bent over my nipples, barely sucking them while fucking me. He massaged my breasts as he fucked. I was hot all over. Our eyes met. I knew in that moment I was about to cum. His pressure point increased. My breath got shorter and shorter. I started to scream. He kept fucking me. I was giving in to him. He gripped me tight. I came.

I softly pushed him off me. I reached down to his cock. I gave it a jerk and began to suck him off. It felt good in my mouth, sucking hard, stopping to jerk it. He was breathing heavy. He came. I squeezed every drop of cum from his cock.

He lit a candle. I said for what.

Good wax.

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