Friday, October 17, 2008

Kofi Fosu Forson

Sadu had auctioned off a painting by his late wife. The money therefore afforded him the trip to promote his latest book, a collection of photographs featuring lovers. As he stood inside the bookstore alongside his friend, Mark, a fuck-film writer, Sadu seemed elegant yet embittered. He had sworn off the lifestyle of his friend. Indeed his wife Exene was dead and Lamour, their only child, was far removed from the fanciful and electric passion with which he created and carried on.

The evening crowd assembled before a table where Sadu sat well dressed. His eyes kept falling on a young woman wearing eye-glasses. She sat next to a man who seemed too polite to be her boyfriend. As is well-founded in the game of gender politics opposites attract. A seemingly good natured woman which she appeared to be should fall for a gentle Ben or some one with a hunky-bearded-look. He was more a Buddy Holly.

The young woman with the eye-glasses was first to ask a question. She wanted to know if the peculiarity of photographing lovers was something that brought an arousal out of him. Meaning did he ever find it favorable to sleep with his models. Sadu thought for a moment then he told the story of Evangeline.

There had always been a motto which he followed. His models signed a contract explaining in clear terms that he was absolutely by no means able to partake in the frivolity his models engaged in. After all they went from foreplay to actual lovemaking while Sadu patiently sat and chose opportune moments to photograph them.

At the end of the night Sadu autographed the books. People walked up and bought copies. Others opted for a photograph with him. The woman and her supposed boyfriend came up and introduced themselves. They neither wanted a photograph nor a copy of the book. Instead the woman and her boyfriend offered to be his models for the night.

He was staying at a hotel further downtown. Mark chose to drive them there but knowing full well what shenanigans the woman and her partner had imagined, Sadu and his new accompaniment excused themselves from Mark and strolled among the evening’s revelers en-route to dinner at a restaurant.

They found a comfortable seating arrangement at an established eating place where they sat and ordered appropriate cuisine for a late night. The conversations wandered from trips around the world to sex. The two lovers were exhibitionists, ambitiously hoping for Sadu to do a book specifically about them. Given what they wore he had an idea as to how their musculature from body to breasts was defined.

At the hotel Sadu and the couple sat and drank wine and further established themselves as friends for the evening. At the appropriate moment Sadu asked them to undress. They took their clothes off, moving closer to the bed as if choreographed.

Their motions were soft. She was running her fingers over his arms. Soon there after, they kissed. Sadu noticed as the gentleman’s dick began to rise. He looked over at the side towards the bag with his camera. Retrieving it he quickly started snapping frame after frame, watching as the lovers went from fondling to touching each others parts.

The gentleman mounted his open lips on her breasts massaging them with tongue. She looked defiantly at the camera. Sadu obliged. The view of her derriere from the back with the male companion staring into the camera was a potential shot. She sat on him bouncing to a rhythm as he cradled her hips. She rotated as he pulled and pushed her back and forth.

He bent over her penetrating continuously while gripping the back of her neck forcing his way in and out, soon after placing her on the side entering as her leg angled in the air. He sat up. Her body above him, he secured his cock inside, lifting her up and down, stopping to grip her breasts vigorously squeezing, falling back as she took control maintaining pressure, all the while readying an expression for the camera. The lovers rotated from position to position wanting an immediate orgasm, screeching in a worrisome call, yearning and grunting.

Sadu had had enough of the intensity. With the woman moaning in the background, he stepped into the bathroom and unzipped his pants. He stood there admiring his dick when all he came in there to do was pee. When he walked back into the room he noticed the two lovers precariously picking up their clothes as they ran naked out of the room.

Sadu sat inspecting the pictures he had just taken. He didn’t know if he had been blind-sided or that he fucked and wasn’t able to cum.

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