Thursday, October 02, 2008

Marksman Defacto
Prognostication of the Self-Identity

Kofi Fosu Forson

The third eye: - what possibilities can manifest from singularly claiming a personal right to envision the probabilities of what is, then to predetermine what comes thereafter and the reality that existed before.

There is certain majesty to the nothingness of what we percieve as sensible and the indiscriminate thoughts that surround us. Making a distinction between what is wrong or right, meaningful or led to conjecture has more to do with intuition than the surmising of sanity meeting insanity.

Sensibility is an innate understanding based on discipline and counteracting what principles have been established heretofore within the familial code, society and government. Morality as relevant bends the curve enabling the individual decided wisdom which results in the identifying of the self and issues pertinent to his development.

Each person has a trusting identity which uniquely separates them from others. It defies all forces of inclusion. Much of this helps maintain a cognitive distinction. Irreplaceable are the fundamental aspects of ones personality. These then qualify each individual as circumventing the cycle made imaginable by the universe.

Circumstances surrounding the human experience point at indecisiveness found within the variables of choice, thought and action. At its core many forces prevent procuring and managing matters concerning our destiny. A marksman's disposition would cause one to aim at the focal point eliminating any further distractions. But through imagination alone our divided selves form a quandary.

We then oblige by self-possession, upholding beauty, narcissism, intellect, destitution and vice. They form a false ideology. The inability to function accordingly given abnormality present in most lives isn’t fear, will or drive. That’s expected in most humans. It’s more the undertaking one must undergo to face the greater fears of desire, success and love.
Painting (c)Laura Conde

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